In this age of advanced Smartphones, BlackBerry still insists on its classic keyboard design and small screen. The company might have branched out with touch screen phones, like the latest Z30 or the Z10, but the first thing that you think of when it comes to BlackBerry phones, is still that classic sort design.

It hasn’t been a good year for BlackBerry. In fact, it’s arguably been a terrible one. After the company announced losses of well over 1 billion dollars, it was bought out for $4.7 billion. This is a huge drop from the $83 billion it was worth five years ago, say the experts at CNET.com. The question is – can BlackBerry hold its place as the essential business phone?

The answer is a tricky one, really. The truth is, Apple and Android have surpassed BlackBerry in almost every way. The android market and the iOS app store are both significantly larger than the BlackBerry store. It’s actually rather poor, in comparison. If you take into account the lovely big HD screen of the iPhone 5S, or the Samsung Galaxy S4 – the Blackberry Z30 just can’t keep up.

Whilst the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4 were originally designed for the mass market, rather than for ‘business‘ purposes – they are both suitable for a range of different situations. They can be used by anybody, at any time. They’ve both got much larger app stores than BlackBerry. They offer a much wider range of business applications, too. These include WhatsApp – a piece of software that’s very similar to the old Blackberry Messenger. For more information and advice on the latest iOS software.

BlackBerry Z30

The Blackberry Messenger app made the company the quintessential provider of business devices, says FT.com expert Eric Platt. It allowed the user to text, call and video call through an internet connection. All of this could be done without the use of network minutes – this made Blackberry phones essential for high flying business men and women. Android and iOS both have WhatsApp. It does the same job as the BBM app – the BBM app which will soon be available in both the Android and iOS stores, anyway.

It’s a huge blow to Blackberry. The lack of stock in the app store isn’t going to change any time soon, not when you consider the company’s falling profit margins. If you want your phone to be constantly up to date with the latest apps and titles, you do need a device to come with a vibrant, constantly updated market.

At the end of the day, the BlackBerry Z30 proves that the company is still trying to compete with its rivals, says TechRadar.com journalist Simon Hill. Yet, it’s doubtful whether the company will be able to claw its way back to the top. Android and Apple are offering consumers a lot more, right now. Both of these companies can very easily cater to the business market, too. They arguably do it a lot more effectively than BlackBerry, as well. They give the needs of business a lot more time and space.

They’ve got seamless video playback, bigger screens, more games and increasingly sophisticated interfaces to work with. Android and Apple phones are not only phones for the businessman, they’re phones for the every-man too. They can do everything that BlackBerry can do, but they do it better. The company really needs to step up its game, if it wants to survive in these harsh economic times.