Globally, BlackBerry’s market share in the smartphone category has not been doing well. But India is one of the few markets, where it has been going strong, thanks to various factors, including its new ad campaign and launches. Case in point, their new proclamation, i.e. ‘Action starts here’. Gone are the days of the ‘Sent from BlackBerry‘ signature, which implied the sender is a wealthy geek, who is tech-ready, even on the go. So after the era of BlackBerry boys, it is the turn of the red splat to firmly establish this RIM product’s hold in India.

Research In Motion was in no mood to quietly give up its share to Apple and Samsung. And now that the verdict in the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit is out, the current market is all the more reason for RIM to go all out and claim its place. The new ‘Action starts here‘ campaign focuses on the asterisk aka the red splat, which is symbolic of action for a BlackBerry user. And this campaign is bang on strategy since it helps set BlackBerry apart from the crowd.

The 45 second commercial that went on air recently sees people from all age groups describing their actions. Then a voice goes on to declare, ‘Whatever your action is, it starts here’. This TVC was preceded by a print ad that described the relevance of action in everyone’s lives. RIM plans to start sort of a mass movement with this promotional package, and from the looks of it, they are doing fabulously well.

The promotional strategies apart, RIM also launched a new addition to its Curve family, i.e. Curve 9220, this year. The price of BlackBerry Curve 9220 is Rs 10,990. Given the modest price and the latest BlackBerry 7.1 OS, it may be the most affordable BlackBerry till date. That is not the only ‘first’ associated with BlackBerry Curve 9220, it is also the first phone to be launched globally from India. And even though it may look a tad bit similar to Curve 8520, it has a larger battery and is 1.2mm thinner than its predecessor. All in all, the top brass at RIM India claims that owing to its price, and unmatched messaging and social connectivity features, Curve 9220 is not just a smartphone, but an experience. In addition to the new Curve phone, RIM also launched the BlackBerry Bold 9790 in pure white, which was earlier available only in black.

Moving on from the smartphone segment, the other segment that RIM is doing good in is the tablet segment. Though Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range are the market leaders, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has the third largest share with a 10.4% market share. Given the brilliant ad campaigns and the new launches, RIM’s endeavour to secure a firm position in the Indian market has paid off rather well. But this ailing Canadian telecommunication company is also looking forward to launching the BlackBerry 10, a phone that BlackBerry fans have been eagerly waiting for.

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    Aniket says: Posted on Sep 18, 2012 at 12:25 pm |

    launched a phone in white? hmm…good for them.
    They wouldnt anyways matter until os10 is launched. And even then, with their current pricing strategies, they dont deserve my monies.
    Get this, for the same price as their entry level 9220, a desi android piece will allow you HD gaming over a 4.3 inch amoled screen..!
    Yea..the point of the device is different, you say? Secured emails and BBM? Well, m alrite with gmail…whatsapp…and such others. Here’s wishing blackberry luck for the future. They gonna need.