In August 2010, research firm comScore reported that RIM, makers of Blackberry, had a 37.6 percent share of the smartphone market. Fast forward to May 2013, where Blackberry’s market share sat at 4.8 percent. The former mobile giant has fallen behind larger providers Apple, Google and Samsung, but Blackberry isn’t folding up shop. The Canadian-based company recently released a pair of smartphones along with a new operating system. Blackberry 10 is their answer to iOS and Android. The Z10 is a capable competitor to high-performance touch-screen smartphones iPhone and the Galaxy S4. And the Q10 aims to recapture former Blackberry users who prefer a QWERTY keyboard.

Blackberry is making a comeback, and if these recent releases are any indication, it’s headed in the right direction.

Blackberry 10


iPhone and Blackberry image by Janitors via Flickr.
iPhone and Blackberry image by Janitors via Flickr.


A quality smartphone isn’t enough to compete in the mobile market. Users also demand a robust app store in which third-party developers can add value. Apple paved the wave with the App Store, and Google followed suit with Google Play. Now, Blackberry has introduced App World, one of the many exciting featured included in its new operating system Blackberry 10. This overhauled OS also includes a polished design, gesture-driven navigation and multitasking. If you’re wonder how App World compares to its larger competitors, standby. The store just launched in January, and as of March it had surpassed 100,000 apps. It may not compete with big boys just yet (App Store: 900,000+, Google Play: 850,000+), but at its current rate, App World will continue to gain on both stores. Blackberry 10 is the foundation for the company’s new direction. It’s a strong platform on which to build.


When Apple revolutionized smartphones in 2007, Blackberry tried with no avail to develop an equally impressive device. The Blackberry Storm fell flat, and subsequent touch-screen smartphone paled in comparison to iPhone’s genius. In January, Blackberry finally released a touch-screen smartphone to compete with other flagship devices. The Z10 is equal parts beauty and functionality. This 5.2-inch tall device features an 8-megapixel camera, a 1280p display and a snapdragon dual core processor. That’s the mobile equivalent of a souped-up Ferrari with all of the upgrades. Gizmodo.com declared the Z10 “hotter than the iPhone,” and users laud its sleek performance. With the Z10 leading the way, Blackberry is poised to regain the market share it lost in the last three years.


The small minority of smartphone users who haven’t bought in to the touch-screen craze usually cite one reason: the QWERTY keyboard. Many prefer tangible keyboards to virtual pads, and Blackberry isn’t turning its shoulder on these users. The Blackberry Q10 boasts a traditional keyboard with a modern operating system. The result is smooth performance and long battery life. Professionals who depend on their mobile devices for frequent emails and messages will appreciate the Q10’s functionality. It’s a good sign to see Blackberry retaining the technology that made it so successful.