Maybe you’re hoping to impress a VIP. Maybe you just want to improve the view from your corner office. Whatever your reasons for considering a corporate makeover, here are a few ways to add style to your business.

Ditch the Cubicles

A cramped, crowded office is detrimental to your business on multiple levels. Not only will it send an unflattering message to clients and guests, but it will also decrease the productivity of the employees forced to work inside such an unpleasant space. Give your office an open-air floor plan instead. Encourage openness and communication with your layout.

Brand Your Space

While you won’t want to plaster your logo over everything, studies have shown that familiarity with a product or concept can increase the positive feelings associated with it. This is called the exposure effect, and it’s something that you can take advantage of by painting your walls in company colors or including your slogan on mugs and pencils. Don’t worry about thinking too small. Little touches can have a cumulative impact.

Replace Your Flooring

Many businesses use laminate or vinyl for their flooring, so you can really distinguish yourself from the competition by going in another direction entirely. For example, bamboo flooring is on the cutting edge of commercial design, and plush carpets are always good for sending the impression of luxury and wealth. You can also find things like engineered wood flooring that looks like hardwood but is twice as tough.

Pressure Wash Your Exterior Walls

Pressure washing can be used on everything from floors to furniture, but it’s especially useful for restoring your building’s exterior walls. Who knows how much grime  has collected from previous owners? Some companies, like A-Plus Window Cleaning, know that curb appeal can be a big factor in people’s first impressions of your business, so if you want that impression to be a favorable one, consider pressure washing your walls.

Improve Your Light

There are many ways to be both fashionable and functional with your commercial lighting. In terms of style, you can play with all kinds of domes, lamps and hanging lights; for efficacy, you can look into increasing your amount of blue light to boost employee productivity. Don’t forget about compact florescent lights (CFLs) for energy savings, too.

These are just a few ways to improve your business aesthetic. There are many more, but you’ll need to consider your brand’s goals, values, objectives and corporate culture before you can implement more specialized changes. Start with these tips to make general improvements and worry about particulars later.