Today, more than ever, technology is at the center of nearly everything we do. Because of this, businesses need to be able to adapt to and take advantage of the constantly changing technology ecosystem in order to remain viable and competitive. Here are six tech essentials that every business should have to be successful.

Mobile Payment Support

If your business does any sort of work out in the field, you need to take advantage of mobile payment software such as Square to be able to easily accept credit cards. Everyone appreciates the convenience of paying with their credit card, and you’ll enjoy getting payments quicker.

Business Phone Service

Even if your business only consists of five employees, you need to be using more than just personal cell phones. Having a dedicated business phone number and an extension for every employee makes your business look official. Getting a business phone service doesn’t have to be expensive. There are VoIP based options that don’t require expensive phone equipment.

File Backup Service

No matter what industry your business is in, chances are if you lost certain files stored on your computer, your business would be negatively impacted in some way. It is very important to have an automated backup service for your business to ensure that there’s always an extra copy of critical files should something happen. It’s not hard to accidentally delete an important document.

Professional Office Software

While there are great free online tools such as Gmail and Google Drive that could be used to conduct business, having professional software such as Microsoft Office helps you look professional and gives you certain tools that these free services can’t offer. On that note, your business should also have its own email domain, and no employees should use personal email for work.

Social Media Presence

Any company, no matter the size, should have a social media presence. Your customers and clients will appreciate it, and having a social media presence can help you know what people are saying about your business on the web.

Hosting Services

Depending on the size of your company, you may need a dedicated server for your website. Email hosting is also important, especially if you have many employees using the company email. Slow websites and email problems can really slow down a company bother internally and externally.

Take advantage of these six tech essentials, and your business will be successful and continue to grow. As long as your clients and customers are taking advantage of technology, you should as well.

Informational credit to North State.