Blue collar jobs are often incorrectly classified as second-rate. Some even say that the industrial era is all but extinct in the United States due to the Digital Age taking root. In reality, though, the manufacturing field serves as the backbone of the technology era and continues to bolster the economy. Here are five other things that you probably didn’t know about the industrial business world.

Million Workers in the United States

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) says that more than 12 million workers make up the industrial business industry in the United States. The field is continuously adding new workers as the qualifications for some jobs are minimal to the extent of an inexperienced person out of high school is capable of filling the roles.

Manufacturing Encourages Research and Development

The year 2011 was quite monumental for the industrial business sector as it was one in which researchers for various subjects used nearly four percent of all manufacturing sales. Four percent may not seem like a lot, but the rate is almost double of what non-manufacturing fields contributed to research and development in the United States during the same year.

The Industrial Business Sector Is an Intricate Part of the Economy

Nearly nine percent of workers in the United States hold what are considered manufacturing jobs. These are the same workers who spend bundles on gifts during the holiday season and further bolster the economy with real estate purchases. Chemicals and machinery are in high demand about importing and exporting goods. Transportation remains one of the most prosperous subdivisions of manufacturing with the exception of computers, which have a need that nearly exceeds their supply.

Stirrers Are Quite Popular in the Industry

Stirrers are mixers like Arrow Mixing Products and similar products that contribute to the making of goods in the workroom. Many companies go with the electronic version of these devices, though some businesses have chosen to invest in air stirrers. Perhaps the most significant perk of having mixed stirrers is the needle valve that adequately controls mixing speeds.

The Manufacturing Industry Sets the Standard for Workplace Safety

Many think that managers are more concerned about productivity than workers in the manufacturing industry. The truth, however, is that the industrial business sector leads the way in safety programs that reduce the number of at-work accidents. Employees take full advantage of these free courses. Working in manufacturing, then, is not as dangerous as you may think.

The industrial business field gets a lot of criticism because of its basis of work. There is, however, more to the sector than what meets the eye. You may be surprised to discover the many ways in which manufacturing drives the economy and leads corporate America.