Business is an important part of today’s modern society. Commerce helps doctors provide medical treatment, teachers instruct students, and businesses and organizations of all sorts employ a hefty portion of the planet’s 7.5 billion people. Humans are the only species to have ever engaged in business, hallmarked by the ability of Homo sapiens to communicate. Communication is as integral to commercial activity as any other component. As such, it’s important to be clear, concise, and articulate when communicating with others. Here are four ways to accomplish this goal, equally important in every business on Earth.

Establish a Reward System for Competitions

Creating competition is a great way to improve business communication. Gauging performance without metrics, especially for judging multiple groups, is ineffective and inaccurate. Utilize metrics such as lowest average call time for satisfying customers’ needs, or highest customer satisfaction rating when served by particular departments. Set up cash bonuses, gift cards, or other free items for departments that rank the highest in those metrics. Lastly, make sure employees are aware of competitions and the metrics they’re evaluated with for stauncher competition.

Install a New Phone System

Charitable organizations, multinational corporations, and small organizations all rely on business phone systems to communicate with fellow businesses and customers. As computers, smartphones, and Internet capabilities continually advance, so do phone systems. Some companies, such as 10D Tech, know that business entities with subpar call quality are likely to be glossed over by consumers for other, more capable competitors. The same can be said for operators that inadvertently hang up on callers due to faulty transfer switches, effectively conveying the message that customers aren’t valued. Businesses with less-than-optimal business phone systems should seek out new hardware, better service, and consulting services to most appropriately set up their new systems.

Evaluate and Respond to Reviews

Online reviews are more brutally honest than feedback received directly from customers. As such, executives and high-ranking managers should look over reviews found online, then pass evaluations on to employees. Responding to customers is also important, offering them compensation for bad experiences.

Solicit Feedback from Employees

Ground-level employees understand how effective communication is. As such, conduct regular, anonymous surveys that inform decision-makers how to best boost business communication. Compensate employees with small cash bonuses for completing surveys, which should occur at least once a month. This ensures they actually care about providing honest feedback to managers.

Business communication is important for pleasing customers and succeeding in commerce. However, some organizations fail to emphasize the importance of communication. Place these four tips into action to better talk to customers, with suppliers, and between employees, in-house.