Feng shui is the practice of promoting good energy flow in a particular space. When energy can flow through the space, you should feel more at peace and in a better physical and mental state. If your work environment is messy, dirty and cluttered, take these actions and improve its Feng shui.

Bringing in Plants

Bringing in a few fresh plants could improve the Feng shui of your office. Plants also remove impurities from the air, which is important in office environments where air quality is a problem. Choose plants that are easy to care for, such as philodendron or spider plants. Keep the plant well-groomed. Consider the plant’s needs for lighting, and use a full-spectrum bulb if needed.

Removing Clutter

Your office cannot have good Feng shui if there are stacks of papers, piles of obsolete equipment or boxes of unused supplies all over the place. Consider taking one afternoon per month and having a company-wide clean-up day. Properly dispose of equipment and supplies that are no longer needed. Recycle or shred unneeded papers. Consolidate and streamline the amount of items that you keep. Get rid of items that are broken and will not realistically be repaired.

Installing Floor Tiles

Installing new floor tiles is another way to improve Feng shui. Be sure to properly align the floor tiles in a pattern that is consistent with good energy flow. Some companies, like Monterrey Tile Company, know that you should consider a color that is neutral and will not arouse any strong emotions that might inhibit your energy. Stick with basic, neutral colors such as gray, beige or chocolate brown.

Arranging Furniture

Another aspect of Feng shui to keep in mind is the arrangement of furniture. Make sure that you can see the door of your office from your desk, without being in its direct line. Take the time to set up the furniture so you have an easy means of egress without having to wind your way around big, clunky tables or cabinets. Get rid of any furniture that is no longer useful.

Once you have updated your office to improve its energy flow, you may also want to bring Feng shui into your home. From getting rid of broken, unappealing or obsolete items to updating the flooring, furniture and lighting, you can considerably improve the Feng shui and aesthetic appeal of your work environment. After doing these updates, you may gain a greater sense of enjoyment and calm during the time that you spend at your company’s office.