As the owner of a commercial property, you likely have a long list of issues to keep track of. Property maintenance should be high on your priorities list. Maintaining your property is key to safety, productivity and profitability. Keep these four tips in mind when it comes time to handling common maintenance tasks.

Hiring a Landscaper

As the owner of a commercial property, the landscaping that surrounds your building is part of what makes a first impression to your customers and guests. Even if you only have a small area of soil with grass, trees, shrubs or flowers, it is important to maintain it. If you can spare the staff, the weeding, trimming and mulching could be done in-house. If not, hire an experienced landscaper to stop by once per week and do it for you.

Working with a Professional Cleaning Service

It is unlikely that your own staff will want to clean the floors, break room and bathrooms. To keep the interior of your business clean and sanitary, hire a cleaning crew. The cleaning professionals will make quick work of the dirtiest areas of your commercial property. Consider a team that uses natural cleaning solutions for improved health and well-being. They will properly dispose of the trash, clean up spills and get rid of messes.

Using a Roll-off Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster is ideal when you are replacing old carpeting, furniture and equipment. Some companies, such as Peterson’s Service Corp, know that the refuse can be loaded into the dumpster and quickly hauled away for safe disposal. A roll-off dumpster is also helpful for a big office clean-out day or to handle the aftermath of a big event, such as an annual staff appreciation dinner.

Contracting Parking Lot Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your commercial property’s parking lot is essential to safety. Handling the repairs of potholes, cracked pavement, broken asphalt and loose fill is complicated. Your business may be better off allowing professional asphalt and cement contractors handle these types of repairs. Consider scheduling these repairs for a weekend or holiday when your employees will not have to use the parking lot and driveway.

Staying on top of property maintenance can lower your operational costs and keep your overhead down. If the maintenance activities uncover the signs of a budding problem, you will be able to arrange for repairs before the situation becomes serious. Each of these tips facilitates the maintenance process and helps to ensure that all of the necessary maintenance activities fit into your corporate calendar.