Summertime is great for many things, but it is often detrimental to overall business productivity. Let’s face it – the average employee just has other things on his or her mind during those long summer months. They usually revolve around beaches and mountains rather than the latest numbers on the office spreadsheet. As a business, it is important to find ways to motivate and reward employees for sticking it out in the summer and continuing to do a great job. There is little better way to do that than by throwing a great party! Consider the following four methods that business pros use to throw a great summer party for their employees.

Provide Opportunity for Some Clean, Good Fun

If you have ever watched movies detailing office parties, they seem to revolve drunken festivities at the boss’s expense. While nobody is discounting the reality that many find this to be fun, not everyone in the office will want to drink. It is best to realize this and provide a safe and comfortable environment that everyone can enjoy equally. This involves making it more of a family affair to keep in line with a summertime theme. The kids will be out of school, so to encourage healthy families, it would be nice to have a party that everyone in the family can enjoy. This is an opportunity to build some real unity within the company as families begin to meet one another and develop a special kinship.

Make Sure the Next Day is a No Work Day

Now, we are not saying you have to make the party completely alcohol free. You do want to provide some fun to those employees that enjoy a happy hour or two in their lives. At the same time, nobody likes to party all night at the company party knowing that they will have to be at their desk bright and early in the morning. This is not to mention the fact that productivity will likely suffer anyway. To combat this, have the party on a day when there is no work the next. This will act as yet another incentive that your employees are almost certain to appreciate.

Take the Event to an Outdoor Movie Theater

No matter what size party you are talking about, you want to consider having the party off site. It is helpful to get your employees out of the office for a while, and this is especially true during the summer months. Take advantage of the summer months by hosting the party at an outdoor movie theater complete with an outdoor projector screen. This can be great fun, with a show playing and opportunities for numerous other activities as well. The wide open space really opens up the party to your imagination.

Make Even Small Events Extra Special

Business pros will tell you that even small companies need to reward their staff, and a party is a great way to do this. You can do this by department, or organization wide. Make a small event extra special by really playing it up. Plan activities and the venue around the size of the gathering. This will add a certain level of excitement to the occasion and turn those long days of summer into something to look forward.

In this era of global competition, whatever you can do to keep your employees happy and loyal is a good thing. Having a party from time to time shows them that you care, and it allows them to see another side of you that can be helpful in improving relationships. These are just four of the many ways that business pros throw successful summer parties for their employees. Begin planning your next great event now and let the festivities begin.