Business safety is more than installing a camera and locking the front door. Thieves are getting smarter, and many are using technology to carry out crimes. Keep the integrity of your employees and the business in mind. Review 5 checkups that you must perform as a safe, responsible business owner.

Review the Security Cameras

Every major business should have security cameras installed in the right spots. Although many people do not, you are better off reviewing your security footage than not. You are better able to detect suspicious behaviour and catch would-be criminals before they strike.

Check the Doors and Windows

Trespassing starts at the point of entry. Many thieves and trespassers slip through the front door, so install cameras that take images of anyone who enters your business.

Few building owners know the importance of checking doors and windows for damages where people could slip in hands or small tools. Check the backdoor because this is where many intruders enter and make surprise attacks.

Inspect the Building Envelope

Check the building exterior for openings and deliberate signs of damages. A skylight is a gaping hole on the roof that lets in rain, debris and unwanted intruders. After a storm or natural disaster, make the repairs immediately. A gaping crack or hole only looks unsightly to you, but it looks enticing to criminals.

Many building owners are not building experts, so they need other professionals to diagnose problems. Hire a professional that understands the importance of building envelope surveys on a regular basis. During these surveys, you may discover that your building has more damages and loopholes than you suspected.

Fire Drills

Conduct fire drills so that everyone knows how to act during an emergency. Tell them which doors to take and instruct them on how to stop and help others in distress. A drill is also the time to keep your fire alarm in proper function.

Emergency Plans

Create one or more emergency plans for every disaster from fires to natural disasters. Train your new employees about the workings of the plan and retrain your old ones. Choose the most trusted associates to act as leaders during an emergency.

Business people should never focus more on profits than safety. If a theft hits your building, you may not be able to recover your biggest profits. Customers will not feel safe in the building, and you lose even more profits over time. The next time you perform safety checkups, include these steps on the list.