It is a harsh reality that no place is safe from violence. Security issues can occur at even the happiest and friendliest of workplaces. Many of these issues can be prevented with the implementation of security and safety features. Consider these four tips for making your office space safer.

Implementing an Electronic Entry System

To maintain a secure work site, consider implementing an electronic entry system. A local locksmith or security service can set this up for you and integrate it with your burglar alarm and fire alarm systems. An electronic entry system makes use of a touch pad, key card, fingerprint or retina scan for allowing access to your building.

Hiring Security Guards

Hiring security guards is another important way to keep your office space safe. If the public comes to your office, a security guard stationed in the lobby or at the point of access to your employees allows a higher level of safety. Security guards, like those at Security Services Northwest, Inc., could also patrol the perimeter of your facility during and outside of work hours. Security guards are able to alert the police in case of a dangerous situation.

Using Video Monitoring

Video monitoring of your office space is also helpful to maintaining a secure workplace. A video monitoring system over closed-circuit television allows you to see who is entering or exiting your property. Cameras can be set up at a restricted-access gate and at all entrances and exits. Consider a system that allows you to monitor the cameras from any Wi-Fi enabled device.

Include Shatter-proof Glass and Self-locking Doors

Shatter-proof or bullet-proof windows and doors could help to keep your workplace safe if a person tried to shoot his or her way inside. Self-locking doors help to restrict access by someone who tries to sneak in right after one of your employees comes in or leaves the building. Also consider these doors for interior use, which makes it easier to create a safe room if a criminal were to make it past your first line of defense. Constant vigilance of everyone who works for you is also important. It is possible to be aware and vigilant of your surroundings without being fearful or anxious. Each of these four steps can also provide a great defense against anyone who might come into your office and try to harm someone. Be sure to train all of your employees and managers to report any possible workplace safety breach or dangerous person as quickly as possible.