Chances are that your business travels will take you all across the globe. Now, in time, you’ll develop a knack for travelling, due to your vast experience. For instance, you will start by learning a thing or two about packing your luggage, on-board behaviour and similar, universal, peculiarities of various journeys that you may embark on. The problem is, nonetheless, that every place has its own vibe, its own unique business etiquette and customs. Also, accommodation and commute tips might come in handy. So, here’s a brief guide for business travellers to Sydney, Australia.

The commute

The first thing you need to understand about the Sydney commute is that you have many different options, ranging from Uber and old-school taxi, all the way to metro and commute by train. There are some people who prefer to rent out a vehicle, however, unless you’re Australian from another part of the country or a foreigner from a place where they drive on the left-hand side of the road, this might not be the best of ideas. Still, if you do decide to do so on a tad longer trip, it’s highly advised that you take a couple of lessons from a local instructor; just to get a grip on things.


Sydney, as a vast metropolis, has so many options for accommodation. As a business traveller, nonetheless, you might have the trip budget, which might force your hand to opt for one option against the other. On the one hand, you want to travel frugal, however, your ability to get well-rested, as well as the impression that you make on your potential partners (should they send someone to pick you up), can impact your reputation and success of the journey. This is why, in order to find the middle ground, a lot of entrepreneur travellers to Sydney choose Annandale Apartments solutions.

Business etiquette

As far as the etiquette and the mindset of Australian go, if we had to describe them in one word it would definitely be – straightforward. When it comes to your overall behaviour during the meeting, modesty is highly appreciated, even though Australians may be prone to controversial statements during their meetings. In these scenarios, responding with humour is your best option. Finally, try to be patient. They might take a while to wrap up their decision-making process and being pushy in this regard won’t get you the results that you’re looking for. Business hours are, as usual, between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Things to see

The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that Sydney is a marvellous city and that, even if you’re on a tight schedule, it would be worth your while to make your journey one day longer in order to do some sightseeing. Start by planning a visit to landmarks that you’ve seen on so many postcards. Here, we mostly mean the places like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Bondi Beach. For those who plan to stay a while longer, making a trip around the surrounding areas might also be a great idea.

In conclusion

In the end, it’s vital that your business journey has an agenda. After all, the success of the trip will be determined based on whether you’ve gotten one step closer to your business objectives and goals. Everything else needs to be in service of this one idea and this one objective. Once you get into this mindset, these things will become much easier to both make plans and execute them. Needless to say, this comes in time and with the experience.