No matter what the size of your business, keeping the premises well-maintained is essential to productivity, efficiency and morale. A clean and organized business also shows to your prospective hires, corporate partners and guests that you care about your work environment. These four basic maintenance tasks will help to keep your work environment clean, healthy and enjoyable for everyone to use.

Clean the Break Room Refrigerator

Most businesses have a communal refrigerator that is available for employees to store their packed lunches and beverages. Over time, the refrigerator can get dirty, sticky and smelly from spoiled food, spills and leftover items that remain unclaimed. A heavily used refrigerator should be completely emptied and sanitized every month. Be sure to move the refrigerator out and away from the wall and vacuum the dust off of its coils. The dust impairs airflow and causes the refrigerator to use more electricity.

Asphalt Repair

The driveway to your business is the first part of your property that visitors, customers, and investors encounter. Professionals, like those at Bitumious Roadways, Inc., know that if your driveway is falling apart, this leads to a bad first impression that may be challenging to overcome. Taking the time to do some repairs on the asphalt in your parking lot helps to restore it and improve its aesthetics. Repairing the asphalt also helps to keep your premises safe, which can lower your insurance liability costs and reduce damage to vehicles.

Glass Cleaning

Keeping the glass doors and windows of your business clean also helps to deliver a positive impression to your guests. It also shows that you take pride in maintaining an immaculate environment. Windows should be cleaned about two to four times per year on the outside and inside surfaces. A glass door should be cleaned of smudges and fingerprints daily.

Organize the Supply Cabinet

When more than one person goes into the supplies cabinet to retrieve pens, paperclips and tape, the result is often a disorganized mess. About once per quarter, the person in charge of ordering the supplies should remove everything from the cabinet and organize it. This helps to ensure that unnecessary items are not ordered. It also allows your business to keep better track of inventory. Employees will waste less time when the cabinet is well-organized.

Maintaining the orderliness and cleanliness of a business requires every person’s participation. Every employee can pitch in and help to keep the common areas clean. When it is more efficient to do so, hiring a cleaning or repair service may be a cost-effective use of your time and money.