Planning a vacation? Luggage, hotel bookings, tickets, handy-cam certainly would have found a place on your checklist. But have you ever thought of including a travel insurance policy? Buying a travel insurance is not on the priority list of many. However, uncertainties can strike anyone at any point of time. People don’t understand the benefits of insurance till something goes wrong and by then, it is too late to buy the policy. So, instead of letting the fortune decide its course of action, take steps to secure your journey from all mishaps. Above all, when you can buy a travel insurance policy online, there is no reason to avoid it. Here are some of the benefits which you can avail if you buy your travel insurance online:

  1. Cost-effective: While making any purchase, the first thing that strikes your mind is cost and how much you should pay for your insurance, certainly matters. Most online travel insurance policies are cheaper than their offline counterparts. It is because the insurer saves on distribution expenses, infrastructure, and other overhead expenses, which are passed on to customers in the form of lower premium rates.
  2. Fast and quick: As risk and uncertainties do not wait for anyone, you should not postpone the idea of buying a travel insurance. This is a race against the future and the future is uncertain. So, switch to an online insurance policy as online policies enjoy an edge over offline policies on two imperative points: first, they are quick; second, there is no delay in risk coverage. Your journey is covered against mishaps in the very hour of your decision.
  3. Paper-free: From start to finish, the entire process is paperless and hassle-free. What starts in bytes, ends in bytes; right from filling the policy application form to downloading the same, the insurance buying process is simple and fast. Above all, you don’t need to piggyback or prod an insurance agent; all queries concerning the insurance policies are handled by the insurer’s customer service centre. Since you do not rely on an agent, there is no ambiguity about your role. The insurer is only a few clicks or a phone call away. You only need to exercise due care while filling the policy form because any error would slow down the entire process.
  4. Instant quotes for quick decisions: As there is no dearth of travel insurance policies in the market, many times decisions get tougher as the choices multiply. But there is no better platform than online to help the customer in making a quick decision: Key in your details, get insurance quotes, compare costs and advantages, and buy the most appropriate travel insurance policy at the time of your decision.
  5. Great flexibility: Buying insurance online gives you a high degree of flexibility. As you are the sole controller of every aspect— from doing research and shortlisting of products to filling an insurance form and making a premium payment— you can customise your insurance policy as per your requirements. It comes as a blessing in disguise as in the offline mode,you might get lazy and leave it to the agent to fill the policy form. There have been many cases where agents have filled incorrect information— either intentionally or mistakenly. It could prove disastrous at the time of claim settlement as the insurer has all rights to reject your claim if there is a concealment or misrepresentation of facts.
  6. Online review: Before purchasing a policy, you can read online reviews, seek opinions and get unbiased perspectives about the particular insurance company and its products.

Comparison between buying insurance online and offline

The online insurance market is new to India. Still, many are not comfortable with the idea of buying insurance online. For them, skipping a usual process of ‘touch-and-feel’ is not easy. However, it is always good to go for an online mode, which as compared to offline mode is easy and swift. Let’s compare both the modes on the basis of the following two important parameters:

  • Brand vs. person: When you decide to buy insurance online, you are coming in touch with the brand which is a full-fledged company. While your agent can go missing or ‘forget’ promises, a company can’t afford to do the same.
  • Probability of frauds: When you decide to buy insurance online, you can yourself read the policy documents and know about it in detail. Hence, the probability of fraud is negligible. However, when the policy is being bought from an agent, there is a high probability of him/her to tweak terms and conditions to earn high commission.

Now what should be the next step?

Even if you have inhibitions in using the online mode, there is no loss in checking out the policy online. Most of the travel insurance companies in India have a toll-free number on which you can call to clear your doubts. It will help in sifting the wheat from the chaff and giving a clearer picture. In addition, the insurer’s representative will also assist you in making the online payment. On the basis of your judgement, you can opt for any option.


Holiday is the best time to unwind yourself and indulge in fun and pleasure. Make sure you are adequately insured to make the best of your vacation. And, when you have the option to buy travel insurance online, there is no reason to travel without it. You can yourself see the difference, right from purchasing the insurance to the time of renewal. So, when you can book your travel tickets online, why should you leave your travel insurance behind. A few clicks and you are ready to embark on a safe and happy journey!