Many companies exist within very competitive markets and have razor-thin profit margins. As such, the owners of many businesses are looking for any way they can to lower overhead expenses. If costs can’t be brought down, they face the very real possibility of bankruptcy.  However, there is one choice for saving money that may not be immediately apparent. While many CEOs splurge on their office furnishings, that doesn’t have to be the case. Below are some good tips CEOs can use to save a significant amount of money, and increase the sustainability of their business.

Avoid Shipping and Handling Charges

As a CEO in the modern digital age, you may be used to simply ordering whatever you need for your company online because it will arrive shortly afterwards. While this is preferable in most situations, the shipping charges for office furnishings such as furniture can be absolutely exorbitant. See if you can find a company that will ship for free. If not, transporting the furnishings to the office with your own company vehicle may be the most cost effective option.

Purchase Used Desks

Desks are absolutely essential for a properly functioning office. Without them, office employees won’t be able to finish their work. However, desks are rather utilitarian pieces of office furniture. Specific companies, like D&R Office Works, Inc., know that you don’t need to spend a fortune on new fancy designs for desks. In fact, purchasing them used is probably the best option. You will save money, and most employees won’t be able to tell the difference, regardless.

Consider Refurbished Office Furniture

In addition to used items, you should also consider office furniture that has been refurbished. You may be familiar with refurbished electronics, like computers. Refurbished furniture is extremely similar in nature. Quite often, they are pieces that were returned to the store or manufacturer but never used for any significant period of time by the customer. They often arrive in “like new” condition, and come at a significant discount.

Ask for Discounts

Just because a discount isn’t advertised doesn’t mean you will not receive one if you request a discount from a supplier. Many companies that supply office furnishings offer discounts to business clients and clients who buy in high volume. However, you may never hear about these discounts if you don’t inquire about them.

One of the responsibilities of a CEO is to make sure costs are kept under control so the company can produce a profit. While a well-furnished office may be necessary for your business, you can make furnishing your office far less of an expense if you put in the extra effort.