Cloud computing has been around for a while and as time goes by, people are finding it useful for numerous different services. Not a month goes by without getting to know that another cloud based company got huge amounts of cash from Angel Investors (people and companies willing to invest in the new, bright business ideas).

Why Clouds?

Those investors know that the future of the business and even fun is up there, in the virtual clouds. Cloud is a technology that is affordable and every day more and more people are deciding to use the SaaS systems. SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service, which is basically the definition for cloud based services. You visit the cloud, the software is based in that cloud, you enter your username and password and you’re set to go.

Thousands of different services are already in the clouds and tens of thousands are coming in our way. Everything from accounting services all the way to simple file sharing services. If you run a business where your product (software/service) is distributed as a hard copy (CD) you are probably having a problem with piracy. If this is the case, you should start thinking (and not just thinking, but using as well) about the clouds.

How Can a Cloud Solve the Piracy Problem?

Solving a problem as big as piracy is never easy and it will never be solved till the end, there will always be some people that will like to use fruits of other people labor for free. But why not using something that can help you and something that is available in almost everyone’s home, through the PC and internet? And this is where the answer to the question in the subtitle is. Internet is needed to use Cloud Based services. So what? Keep reading.

When you obtain a pirated CD version of a service, you can install it on the hundreds of computers and like this the developer is losing his money. But if this same developer decides to start his business through the cloud you will have to use your Username and Password to login every time. Since you use internet to log in, the developer will easily get the information of your residence by a simple IP check. So, if you decide to give your password to somebody else they will soon find out that you’re illegally distributing Login information and your account will be terminated.

Some Examples

Not all of the services could be used in the erp Cloud but imagine the program you are using for typing the text (Word for example). Word comes packed inside of the Office and it costs a lot to pay for that program. That’s why people are trying to get pirated copies. Well, all these options available in the Office package could be found on the internet, in the cloud; some even free and some for a few bucks per year. That was the simplest example of the cloud based service.

Other examples are connected with the huge companies that could use cloud computing for enhancing the services within their product. Just imagine driving your SaaS enabled car in the future. Your car manufacturer will be able to offer you huge packet of services without needing to install the software inside of the car. You will be connected to the clouds from the seat of your car.

The future

So, if the majority of the services in the future would be available in the clouds, everybody would have an opportunity to get high quality service for pocket money. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for the hard-copy you will just have to enter your Login information. You will get the high quality service for a few dollars, the developer will get the huge base of the users and people won’t feel like they need to cheat to get the product cheaper anymore.