Are you going to host an event of live music? In that case, you need to decorate the room with proper sound and invite great musicians. Here are some essential points to look into when creating a successful combination of music and instruments at your chosen venue.

Available Electricity:   For a decent number of guests, the musicians may require an amplifier, so that everyone can hear the music played. As there can be several distractions, such as the noise of the street, the instruments should be synced properly. So, electricity is a very important factor to look at. You should be aware of the location of the outlets. The musicians may require the information of the outlets as they may need to fix the extension cords or should keep a backup of the amplification through the battery.

Venue Size And Crowd:  You are required to select an appropriate venue according to the size of your crowd. You cannot tight squeeze 100 members into a hall, which only can hold 40 guests. On the other hand, in a huge hall of 300 guests, the solo musician will appear minuscule, if the stage is not properly lit. Your event must occur on a leveled ground, instead of wet grass, sand or slopes. Make sure that you are providing enough space for your musicians to be visible.

Shelter For Musicians:  Ensure that the venue possesses proper shelter for the musicians. If not, the musicians may charge extra for creating shades, tents or for renting the market umbrellas. Most of the musicians will not prefer performing in adverse weather like, heavy rain or storm. They will never want damage in their health or of their expensive musical instruments. So, if you are including live musician for hire in your event, you must take care of the shelter of the performers.

Watch The Action:  Your musicians must be able to see the action clearly. For example, if it is a wedding occasion, and the musicians are not able to see the entry of the bride, how can they obtain their cues?

Car Accessible:  When you are hiring eminent musicians , make sure that they do not have problems in parking or valet parking in your selected venue. If you do not want to get stuck with the setup time or shed some extra charges, you should pre-plan the parking and even prepay at the parking lot for avoiding the hassles.

Proper Temperature:  If you have selected any indoor venue, check all the vents of heating or air-conditioning properly. If the musical instruments are not kept at the proper temperature, they may give rise to tuning problem. The direct blow of air from the vents can also cause the tuning problem. So think twice before placing the instruments in the room of the venue.

Not Allowed: What are the things that are not permitted in the event? For example,ensure the restrictions of the level of the sound depending on the type of occasion.Inquire, if it is a wedding or a social gathering and what kind of music will be most suitable. If the venue is located within the residential zones, you may not be allowed with amplifiers and only allowed with the acoustic instruments.

Always keep in mind that everything that looks good may not sound good. So manage the musicians and the instruments in such a way that they are never hurt.  Try keeping enough space for them, so that they do not end up playing in the restroom as there is a lack of space in the banquet hall.