When your employees are comfortable, they should be able to work more efficiently. An increase in efficiency can yield a corresponding increase in profitability. Comfortable employees may also be more loyal and have a higher level of satisfaction with their jobs. As a manager, you can employ these four strategies for keeping your workplace comfortable all year long.

Offering Ergonomic Workstations

Repetitive motions and poor posture are common causes of back pain, neck strain and achy joints. Consider investing in ergonomically designed work stations for your employees. For example, ergonomic keyboards can help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in employees who spend their days working at computers. Ergonomic office chairs and cordless headsets for phones reduce neck and back strain in employees who take a lot of calls and spend most of the work day seated.

Installing and Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems

When the workplace is too hot, productivity will suffer. Installing and maintaining air conditioning systems in your workplace will help to keep employees comfortable all year long. Some companies, like A-1 America Services, realize that in moderate to hot environments, air conditioning is essential year-round. Places with a lot of equipment may also need year-round air conditioning for employee comfort and the efficiency of the computers and machinery.

Providing Filtered Water

A well-hydrated employee will be healthier and more productive. Providing a supply of filtered water, such as a water fountain, helps your employees to satisfy their thirst without having to resort to vending machines for sugary drinks such as soda. Offering filtered water can even help to cut down on your health insurance costs, because sugary drinks are associated with health issues such as dental cavities and diabetes.

Cleaning and Repairing Restrooms

Another important aspect of keeping the workplace comfortable year-round is ensuring that restrooms are clean and in good repair. Restrooms should be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. This helps to get rid of foul odors and germs that could make your employees sick. Make sure that your restrooms are handicap-accessible and are fully stocked with toilet paper, hand soap, tissues and paper towels.

These four ideas help to keep the workplace more comfortable and pleasant for everyone. Each of these strategies also helps to boost employee health and wellness. Investing in central air conditioning systems, clean water and ergonomic equipment yields a great return on investment, and keeping the facilities clean shows a pride in ownership. Employing all of these tips will help to increase comfort and happiness among your staff.