After five years of struggling, Sony, the Japan-based tech giant, reported its first full year of profits for the fiscal year which ended on March 31, 2013. Sony posted a net income of $458 USD for the 2012 fiscal year. Sony’s success can be attributed to its smartphone sales at thirty three million units, whereas LCD units fell by 38% to 13.5 million units. Sales for Sony’s Playstation 2 and 3 also fell to 16.5 million units. For the 2013 fiscal year, however, Sony is projecting a jump in TV unit sales by 16 million units, and smartphone sales by 27%, which translates to 42 million handsets.

What can help Sony grab the number 3 spot in the tech race?

Xperia Z

Let’s start with Sony’s Xperia Z. It is the first among Sony mobiles to wholeheartedly try and take over the market from tech giants such as Samsung, HTC, and Apple.

With the Xperia Z, Sony mobiles have taken a real step away from the Ericsson generation.
A quick comparison of its specs, design, price tag, and overall usability will reveal whether this phone can help Sony grab the third spot in 2013.

Specs and Design

Sony’s new phone is being termed as “colossal”, and at 139x71mm and 146g/5.15ozy, it is larger than the Samsung S3, and certainly dwarfs the iPhone 5. A closer examination of its specs reveals why this giant is packing a huge punch. To start with, it has a quad core 1.5 GHz processor, making it faster than a desktop PC. Add to this 2 GB of expandable RAM, 16 GB storage capacity, and a screen that shows 1080p HD, and you get a mini powerhouse in the palm of your hands. The phone is also equipped with a 13MP camera. This behemoth is also dust and water resistant. The Xperia Z runs on Jelly Bean 4.1, although not the latest version, Sony is promising to release its updated version later on this year. With the Xperia Z, users will get five home screens, app shortcuts, and loads of room to customize their screen. Navigation is done via the screen, and there is no lag time zipping between screens. Overall, the Xperia Z, has a sleek design, with all the ports hidden. Currently, the phone can be purchased in black or purple, with the white version said to be available by the end of this year.

The Xperia Z has a neat feature call Small App integration, which not only launches the apps you are using but also the apps which can be used in conjunction. With the Xperia Z, you can run shortcuts, manage themes and wallpapers.

Camera and Video

The Xperia Z has some high end specs when it comes to camera and video features. It has a 13.1mp camera with an autofocus and burst mode. It also has a 16x zoom, face detection, flash and pulsed LED, and geotagging.

The video recording is in HD 1080p. It boasts red eye reduction, quick launch, smile detection, sweep panorama, superior auto, and image stabilizer.


The Sony Xperia Z also comes preloaded with software applications. Some of these are Google Chrome, Google Play, Google Talk application, Google Voice Search, Web Browser, Twitter, YouTube, and Messenger.


Here is where the Xperia Z can take a hit. At around 37,990 INR, it is priced about the same as an iPhone. But due to competition with other tech giants, the price of this giant mini-powerhouse, is already dropping.

Final Verdict

With Sony’s current line up with its Xperia Z smartphone, it is expected to make a decent dent in the markets. Sony’s constant push to rise up to Samsung and Apple will prove successful in the next phase of 2013. Historically, Sony was able to grab the 4th position in the end of 2012 with 4.5% market shares, thanks to its smartphone sales.

The Xperia Z and other Sony mobiles will definitely help Sony grab the number 3 spot, just behind Samsung and Apple.