The most popular open-source Linux operating system distribution Ubuntu, is coming to smartphones. Canonical the official sponsor, announced its new smartphone interface. Over the last few years, Canonical has spent time investing in Ubuntu for TV sets and also Ubuntu has shifted into integrating more touch-friendly controls and better touchscreen support into Ubuntu on the desktop.

That beauty comes from the fact that Ubuntu Phone OS doesn’t really look like any other mobile UI out there right now — it eschews the traditional app grid concept that pervades iOS and stock Android and instead relies on horizontal swipes to view oft-used applications and switch between currently running ones. In a way, it’s approach is more reminiscent of Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT than either of the two leading mobile OSes, though whether those UI decisions catch on is another story entirely. Still, the end result is an interface that feels more spacious and expansive than its potential rivals, a tricky proposition when hardware designers struggle to balance device screen size and portability.

Although manufacturers and carrier partners haven’t been announced, the company expects the first devices to ship the end of this year or in early 2014. You can read more about Ubuntu Phone OS here. so what you think? Let us know in the comments.