Canonical unveiled Ubuntu for tablets


Six week ago Canonical officially revealed the Ubuntu Phone OS and today Canonical has unveiled Ubuntu for the tablets, and the key features of Ubuntu Touch — the version of Ubuntu that will run on ARM smartphones and tablets. The standout feature for Ubuntu Touch is side-by-side multitasking of Ubuntu phone and tablet apps. Ubuntu Touch introduces a new feature called “side stage” that looks almost exactly like split-screen mode in Windows 8′s Metro interface. The idea is that you can run a smartphone app on the smaller portion of the screen, like a smartphone, and a tablet app side-by-side. This sounds kind of cool until you realize that Ubuntu smartphones and tablets will run the same operating system, and that “side stage” is ultimately just a mirror of Windows 8′s split-screen mode.

The Ubuntu Touch will also feature “secure multi-user,” which encrypts each user’s personal data, and a voice-controlled HUD. To get a better idea of the Ubuntu Touch interface, check out the video above. According to Canonical: “[Our] fashion industry friends say the Ubuntu phone and tablet are the most beautiful interfaces they’ve seen for touch.

The Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview, which you can install on your Nexus 7 or 10 tablet, or Nexus 4 smartphone, will be available to download and also follow these links for more details about Ubuntu Touch’s features, and the possible hardware specs of Ubuntu Touch device, hit up Canonical’s On Tablets brochure.

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