It is true that a video can be easily watched on any of the websites like YouTube, but what if you want to record and watch it later? It would not surprise anyone if you have tried numerous softwares and yet have no clued on how to capture streaming video.

There is innumerable tutorial provided on the Web that will help you in understanding the right way of downloading the software for capturing a video that is already streaming. Unfortunately, not many websites allow you to download the high-quality videos instantly and to watch your favorite clip can be a mess at times. Some videos do not load faster, and the viewer cannot enjoy watching the clip without any hassles. It either keeps on loading from time to time or does not play even when it has been loaded for a long time.

scs0_151x202Luckily, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio software is available for you to download, so you can easily capture any video that is streaming online. This handy software will let you capture any kind of activity that is being played on the screen of your computer. It also allows you to record the video that you are playing on your computer. The massive advantage of using this software is that it does not slow down the speed of download, and you can easily save it as well to watch it later. From hard drives to any other device, the downloaded video will be compatible with everything. When browsed through the Web, you will get the right steps for downloading the software quickly. You can download the software and install it successfully. The instructions for downloading the file will be given besides the software, and you can just follow the steps for running the software on your computers.

Once the software is downloaded successfully, you will see a frame on the screen that will mention all the details about the quality of the video that you are willing to download. The monitor name will be displayed in the drop-down list, and you must select the appropriate choice from it. If the audio icon does not have a check mark on it, click on it for activating the audio icon. The software also comes with a timer so you can quickly record the video for the desired time and in the desired quality as well. For that, you can click on the icon that denotes the timer. You can start recording the video and view it at the same time. The online streaming does not slow down when the recording is in progress. Thus, this software is the perfect solution for your queries on how to capture streaming video.

When the recorded video has to be edited, you can click on the edit button that will be displayed on the screen. The desired file format can be chosen when you have to transfer the video to your mobile phones. The recorded videos can also be viewed on iPods and other Android devices. You can add some creativity to the already captured videos as well. So, download the software and get an ultimate video viewing experience.