Your family vehicle is your bread and butter, so you have to handle it with the highest level of care. By keeping up with maintenance and addressing problematic behavior immediately, you can help keep it in shape so that your household can continue to flourish. The following are five ways that you should be taking care of your family vehicle.

Changing the Oil Religiously

The oil change is one of the least expensive automotive maintenance procedures that exists, yet it is the one that owners ignore the most. The process takes a reliable mechanic about 15 minutes to do, and it can extend the life of your vehicle dramatically. Your owner’s manual will explain the frequency requirements. You owe it to your car and your family to adhere to it.

Getting Your Tires Rotated

A tire rotation is a process that gives you additional miles to use your tires. The mechanic puts your rear tires on the front and vice versa so that you have a lot of tread in the front. Specialists recommend that you rotate your tires every 8,000 to 10,000 miles.

Taking It in for Regular Tune-Ups

A regular tune-up at an auto repair shop like Reggie’s Garage can do wonders for your fuel-efficiency and your overall performance. During the tune-up, the specialist will change items like your spark plugs, wires and air filter to purify your system.

Flushing the Cooling System

The way you treat your cooling system will show as your family car gets older. A neglected system often shows wear by overheating. You can avoid that serious condition by bringing your car in and allowing someone to drain all of the coolant out of the system, flush it and put clean coolant back in there to keep your car healthy.

Visiting the Car Wash

Finally, take your car to the car wash weekly. It can protect your vehicle from rust, rock damage and more. Just one coat of wax can protect your vehicle’s body significantly. Additionally, the entire process can boost your self-confidence.

Your car is a member of your family. Therefore, it needs to see the doctor for checkups even when it seems like it’s doing fine. Take care of those few things, and your car will love you forever. You could potentially keep it running for a very long time.