In present times, technology as merged with almost everything and it is becoming more apparent in every object including our vehicles. Through items such as iPad, even our vehicles are gaining the prefix “smart.” Having an iPad linked to our vehicle allows us to the use the amazing apps found on it, assisting in many aspects of our driving life: including how we drive and what we are capable of doing from the seat of our car.

Some of these apps are even designed to assist in doing the current favorite goal of the individual: saving money. iPads have an app that can help you park your vehicle, track the fuel economy of the car, or even help a person park their car. There are apps that track the internal qualities of the car, informing the driver of any potential problems the car could be facing. Apps like these are just a few of the many available car related apps for the iPad, and the possibility of owning these and being able to rely on them when needed is quickly making cars that integrate with the iPad.

AA parking app

First, we have an app to assist in one of the hardest parts of the morning, the act of trying to find an empty parking space. This app helps the driver by searching out empty car parking lots in the location, letting the owner know how many spaces remain, and the going rates of that particular parking spot. It also lets the driver know how long the park will remain open. It goes by the name of the AA parking app, which can be picked up at a reasonable price.

Similar to this and just as useful, there is an app that will allow your tablet to monitor the parking meter of the roadside space a car is in. If the meter is threatening to run low then it will warn the owner, typically through a mobile phone, so that it may catch the meter before it runs out and be able to avoid that nasty fine that coincides with an empty meter. Speaking of monitoring things before they run empty, there is an app that will monitor the fuel and fluid levels of the engine. It also seeks to maximize fuel economy by giving green advice in the form of driving tips to the driver.

Aviva Myclaims

If a driver has the Aviva Myclaims app and suffers the unfortunate event of wrecking their vehicle, they can use the app to alert paramedics if injured. The app also serves as a personal assistant by informing the driver of what steps need to be taken to file a complete report of the wreck. This app serves potentially injured drivers as well by allowing the driver to vocally record all aspects of the event if they are able.