Which is better; watching your favourite cartoons on your phone or online, on the traditional way on the TV? The answer is down to personal preference more than anything else, but there are some good points about all as well. The new series of Ben 10 is out very soon and so fans are looking to get completely up-to-date beforehand. There are many ways in which you can get up-to-date with the goings on in the series and watch the episodes too.

The episodes are scheduled to be shown on TV at certain times. Cartoon Network shows the episodes regularly to keep up with the fans, and some people genuinely prefer to sit back and relax whilst watching the best episodes on the big screen. You can watch look forward to that moment in the day when the new episodes are shown on TV and sit back in a comfy seat whilst you watch the latest exciting adventures and battles that Ben takes on.

There is the new Cartoon Network 2.0 app as well, which allows viewers to watch Ben 10 on their iPhones and iPods. This is great for those who are often on the move and literally means you can watch the episodes you want to see wherever you want and when you want to. There is also the added bonus with watching cartoons on the iPad using this app; you get the split screen feature. This means you have the top half of your screen as the TV screen where you can watch Ben 10 clips and the bottom half of the screen as the game screen where you can play the awesome Cartoon Network games at the same time! The feature is only limited to the iPad at the moment, and would probably be a bit hard to see on the other devices anyway! It is a fantastic feature though as kids are very good at multitasking when their favourite cartoon characters are involved!

The last option when looking to watch Ben 10 is online. You can watch clips, videos, and the full-length episodes that you need to get completely up-to-date when you like. There are a few added bonuses to watching the episodes online as well; you can view the character profiles so you can know exactly who is who in time for the new series to begin. You can also play the games; there are over ten games for Ben and his friends alone. The games are like a time-line in themselves as they have been created as each series has been shown.

As per the aforementioned; it’s your choice. You can watch the episodes in whichever way suits you the most. If you’re always on the move; try out the iPhone app. If you like a comfy chair whilst you watch, then stick with the good old TV. If you want to get all the info you can and watch the cartoon in your bedroom after your homework, then head online to see what you can find. Every option, every episode, every clip, every game, and the iPhone app is all completely free so make the most of everything available to you.