When it comes to women’s clothing there are plenty of options for females of all ages to choose from. The variety of clothes for casual, semi-formal and formal is a lot, which makes it frustrating for women what to wear. On a casual day, more often than not, you don’t really care a lot about what you put on your body. You go with the option in which you feel the most comfortable. Your office outfits can be a mix and match of casual and formal and you can play around by pairing the same trousers with different tops.

The most crucial choice that you may have to make is when it comes to choosing a dress item for a special occasion. Be it a date night, a corporate dinner, a wedding or any special family event, you would want to look good and put your best fashion foot forward. When you know what type of silhouette works for you are in a better position to select an outfit. Here are some guidelines which will help you pick the right silhouette and be fashionable.

Voluptuous Skirt:

Not every woman who has wide hips or bigger thighs wants to wear figure hugging dresses and show off every inch of the curve they have. If that is the case with you, then A-line or a princes’s skirt, is the way to go when selecting a dress for yourself. The top is usually a sleek, form-fitting cut, which gives definition to your upper body. It could have cup sleeves, 3 quarter sleeves, or no sleeves. The main center of attention is the volume of the fabric on the lower half of the dress, as it can give your body flare as you move around. This dress is perfect for occasions such as a holiday season party, or a close relative’s wedding.

Off shoulder:

Having a long torso can lead you to be selective in the style and cut of your dress. You may sometimes want to direct the attention away from your mid-body and focus on your upper and lower parts of your frame. To achieve this look, you would need to have an off the shoulder dress which can shift the focus to your neck and collar bones. The length of the dress can vary from just above the knees to below the knees. Just make sure to show enough legs to have a sexier look. Office parties and evening galas can be the perfect time for you to wear a dress such as this, as it requires you to stand more often and will help you show off those legs.

Low Necks:

Low necks are one of the sexiest dress cuts that women can wear. It doesn’t matter that you are busty or have a small bra size, the right type of neck can accentuate your breasts. The silhouette of the dress can vary from body hugging to A-line or to an asymmetrical. If you want you can have a hemline as short as below your butts, if you also want to highlight that area; however it is advisable that you stick to the longer skirt and let your neckline be the star of your outfit. A romantic date night or a cocktail party can be the perfect occasion for you to be wearing this type of cut.

Body Hugging:

These days it’s mostly about dresses that display your curves and if you are one of those ladies who like to flaunt your body then body hugging silhouettes should be your choice. The necklines, lengths, and sleeves vary and you will always have a large selection to choose from. Because of the variety in this cut, you are not usually limited to an occasion where this dress would be the most suitable.

It is not necessary that one body type should always adhere to one specific silhouette, but rather base that decision on the occasion you are wearing it for. Knowing what areas of your body you want to accentuate and which one to cover can also assist you in making a better decision. This decision will help you feel comfortable while wearing it and help you exude confidence while garnering compliments from others.