Although the iPad may be unrivalled in terms of tablet popularity, there are a number of other tablets on the market. When buying new technology, it’s important to choose the right tablet for your needs. So if you’re looking to jump on the tablet bandwagon, make sure you take some time to think through your decision of tablets and take these things into consideration:


Steve Jobs described the iPad as a stepping stone between a laptop and a smartphone – so if you need better e-mail and internet capabilities than your phone offers while on the go, then a tablet is for you. Many, if not all, of a tablet’s abilities can be trumped by a laptop while a smartphone can offer limited versions of most of them. A tablet is normally lightweight so very portable and its quick boot up time and long battery life are also pros.


Most people go for the best tablet they can afford and with good reason, too. Having the quickest, lightest, best performing tablet has obvious benefits. Think about the screen size, the CPU speed, how long the battery lasts and how much storage space is available.

Currently, the iPad 2 retails for around $600, which is quite an investment. If this cash outlay doesn’t quite suit your budget, it is worthwhile looking into tablet rental, which gives you the freedom to look for products that may otherwise be outside your budget. Renting your equipment can also have a number of other benefits. You’ll be able to upgrade your equipment, and manage your cashflow through low weekly or monthly payments as opposed to a large upfront cash outlay. If you’re using your tablet for your work, your tablet rental costs may also be tax deductible.

Operating system

The three major platforms are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and the BlackBerry Tablet OS. People often feel most comfortable using the same operating system as their phone, due to familiarisation and enhanced syncing options. Consider which operating system you feel most comfortable with when choosing your tablet.

When you choose a tablet, make sure you consider what tablets best suit your needs. Just like your clothes reflect your lifestyle and personality, so too does your technology! Taking the time to consider the tablet you buy, and how you choose to pay for that technology (whether you rent your technology or buy it outright) will make sure you are an informed customer and tablet user.