Modern computer hardware has had enhancement and modification to withstand more pressure and long working hours owing to the optimization carried out on all its functional levels. From heat reduction to use of lower voltage, enlargement of storage space and even better resistant body work towards the environmental factors such as dust and water, all these have contributed to a more reliable modern computer.

Unfortunately, these gadgets still have a degree of risk in terms of still being prone to damage, ease of theft, damage from water or fire exposure and many other unpreventable circumstances. They are thus not as reliable when it comes to backing up your files and data. This calls for a more efficient and reliable data backup solution.


Cloud Backup Robot is backup software that helps you automate the backup process. This software program not only helps you back up your data but it also helps you automate the process through its auto-backup scheduling feature. At the same time, it eases the backup process by offering a one-step backup process initiation process after the software installation on your Windows computer.

One-click backup process

Simply put, this software program allows you to back up your data by clicking one button. After its installation on your computer, it allows you to identify your preferred storage media for the backup files, with a choice of your own computer hard drive, or the various cloud based storage facilities like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and OneDrive, among others.

At the same time, the software allows you to determine whether you will want to initiate backups manually or you would like it done manually at specific times and days. The auto-backup scheduling feature makes it a hands-free way of backing up your computer data such that you can be sure that your data is always safe with minimum efforts from your end.

Cloud storage

This ability to opt for cloud storage is a huge advantage in that you get a more reliable storage media that is more secure and better protected unlike storage of the backup files within your hard drive. Such data stored in the cloud is hard to access or steal for anyone who has no authorization as it has encryption, replication and configured for optimum security.

Files organization

This software product also has the advantage of organizing your backup files for you. It reads through and deletes backup copies that are unnecessary as well as intelligently excludes any files that are not necessary from your backup process. This means that you save on storage space and you avoid repetitive and cluttered backup results.

Simply put; if you are looking for a data backup solution that takes away the pain of the backup process, while also offering a more reliable backup storage medium, more security of your backed up data, ease of use and automation, all in one, then the Cloud Backup Robot is your preferred software solution.