Any business is, at its heart, a collective team of people trying to perform their duties under often stressful circumstances. It’s important to keep your team engaged and productive. Part of this is providing a comfortable work environment. If your heat and AC systems aren’t working properly when you need them, you’re going to have distracted and unhappy employees. Here are some ways to maintain optimal climate control.

Monitoring Interiors

The first step is to discover just how comfortable employees are. Take the opportunity now and again to check around the premises to see what actual temperatures are in each department or location, and whether employees are comfortable with it. While different ages, genders, and body types may have different comfort ranges, if there’s a problem with the HVAC they’ll be able to tell your, especially if they’ve been on the payroll long enough to know the difference.

Prepare for Seasonal Changes

The hardest times to maintain temperature are winter and summer. To help employees adjust, you could send out reminders of changing temps and encourage people to dress warmly in cold weather and wear light, loose clothing in hot temps. You might want to allow them to bring in personal fans in summer or portable heaters in winter, although this may increase fire risks. Before the worst weather hits, you should test your system to see how accurately it can maintain temperatures at various points around the facility, such as open office spaces or cold storage.

Smart Climate Control

One solution is to install a smart climate control system. These are programmable thermostats that can follow set schedules and settings, such as automatically turning the heat or AC down at night or on the weekends, and returning to set temperatures in the morning in time to provide a comfortable space for your team. Just turning temperatures back 10 degrees overnight can also save you 10 percent on power bills.

Preventive Maintenance

The most important thing you can do to ensure your HVAC systems are running efficiently is to follow a regular program of checks and maintenance. Dirty filters should be changed, ambient temperatures checked against the thermostat settings, and attention paid to the sounds or air exchange volume within the system. The best way to ensure this is done correctly is to contract with a local HVAC company like Nova Air Conditioning & Heating or someone similar. Trained professionals will be able to spot and correct problems so that you and your team stay comfortable with no worries.

Keeping your workspace at a comfortable temperature is important to employee satisfaction. Without it, employee productivity and loyalty will suffer.