Vandalism is a crime that permeates all neighborhoods and cities across the country. No matter how safe the neighborhood seems, there is always the potential for vandalism to occur. If you’re concerned about the safety of your business during nighttime hours, here are some effective ways to protect your business from vandalism.


Motion Lights

If the outside of your building is cloaked in shadows and darkness, it makes your property a very appealing target for those with malicious intentions. To protect your property from being targeted, install bright lights on the outside that are connected to a motion sensor.


Perimeter Fencing

A great way to prevent vandals from defacing or destroying your property is to make it impossible for them to reach your property. Investing in a high-security perimeter fence can be one of the most effective ways to repel would-be vandals. If you already have a perimeter fence but it’s damaged, calling a professional fence repair company like City Wide Fence Co. to repair the fence would be more affordable than paying to install a new fence.


Use Shrubbery as a Natural Barrier

If you’re interested in a more natural way to protect your property from vandals, planting a formidable barrier consisting of shrubbery full of thorns and abrasive leaves is more than sufficient. Vandals are looking for an easy mark, and a barrier of sharp shrubbery would make your property require extra time and effort to infiltrate.


Install CCTV Cameras

Vandals don’t want to be caught, so installing CCTV cameras in advantageous points around the perimeter of your property will provide a very strong deterrent against vandalism. Be sure to point the cameras at entry points such as doorways and windows so any potential vandals will think twice before breaking into your building.


Invest in Unbreakable Glass Fixtures

Vandals will often shatter the glass bulbs of outside lights or lenses of cameras to protect their identity. If you do opt to install motion lights and cameras on your property, be sure to protect your delicate pieces of technology by encasing the lights or cameras in an unbreakable glass case. If the vandals can’t take out the lights or the cameras easily, they’re more likely to just move onto another property.


It’s important to remember your part in the responsibility of keeping your property safe. When leaving your building at the end of the day, check that all outside doors are locked and that all security fences are undamaged and locked as well.