One of the most controversial medical news these days is the use of cannabis for recreational uses. We all know that cannabis has been banned for many years because of individuals abusing it. However, now that it can be legally used in California and other States, let us take a closer look to CBD, the most active ingredients of medical cannabis.

The Cannabis plant contains over a hundred of various compounds, many of which are studied for many decades because of their therapeutic benefits. Cannabinoids are one of the compounds that captured the most scientific interest. This compound is now used in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions of pain and sleeping disorder, inflammation and anxiety, to Cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a type of chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Scientist identified the very first cannabinoid in the mid 1960’s. Ever since then, over 80 cannabinoids were identified by scientists and until this day is continually researched and studied for any potential disease-fighting and symptom-relieving abilities.

Each cannabinoid has various effects on the body and potential uses for disease and health also varies.  The most widely used and recognized cannabinoids for their medicinal values are CBD and THC. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol is a type of chemical compound that gives a “high” feeling when marijuana is ingested.

On the other hand, CBD has no related “high” feelings with it. But instead, it is a compound with anti-psychotic, anti-anxiety and calming effects. CBD is in fact used together with THC to offset the mind-altering effects of THC.

Benefits of CBD

CBD continuously take a great deal of attention from scientist these days. Scientists are continuously studying and learning more about the CBD and the possible benefits it can offer to one’s health.

  1. CBD For Sleep

CBD can reduce anxiety and is very helpful in reducing difficulties in sleeping and improves quality of sleep. According to research, CBD can improve insomnia and improve overall sleep amounts.

CBD also reduces daytime sleepiness and stimulates alertness when taken in smaller doses. This is important for a good daytime performance and for the consistency and strength of the sleep-wake cycle.

Moreover, CBD helps decrease REM behavior disorder (a condition that causes people to physically act out during REM sleep and dreaming) in most people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Also, it helps improve any REM sleeping abnormalities in people suffering from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  1. CBD For Epilepsy

CBD’s most promising use is the treatment of epilepsy. For many years, scientists have recognized the CBD’s anti-seizure capabilities. More recently, a study of CBD has shown positive effects on people with an epileptic seizure that resists other treatments.

  1. CBD For Addiction

CBD has a promising evidence of treating substance-use disorders such as addiction to nicotine, cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine, and opioids. There is also a study that shows how CBD decrease the number of cigarettes consumed by cigarette addicts for about 40%.

  1. CBD For Cancer

CBD is now being examined very closely for a potential role in treating cancer. CBD is quite effective in reducing nausea and pain in people with cancer and also stimulates appetite. The most promising effect of CBD is the ability to treat various types of cancers, which directly prevents the growth of cancerous cells and metastasis.

  1. CBD For neurodegenerative disease and neuro protection

CB shows a promising ability to contribute to brain protections because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities. Its role in neurogenesis, the capability to heal the brain from injury, and as a neurodegenerative disease treatment is being studied carefully by scientists. A study suggests that it can be a possible therapy for people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, and Parkinsons.

Edibles with CDB to Control your High

Because numerous users of medical cannabis are usually overwhelmed by the THC strength in edibles, most of them choose to turn to a lower dose product and edibles with CBD. Because CBD can help in balancing the effects of THC, it helps in controlling the “high” feeling.

Here are some balanced edibles with CBD and THC that can help control your high times:

  1. VCC Brands’ CBD Mango Cannabis Quencher (40 mg THC / 40 mg CBD)

This new juice drink gives a balanced dose of THC and CBD along with myrcene found in mangoes which are believed to absorb THC. It is perfect for enjoying on a very stressful day.

  1. Clean Healing’s Marinara Pizza Sauce(20 mg CBD)

This savory option can be spread to homemade pizza for a great healing treat with no extra sugars. A 20 mg of CBD added to a sauce of 1 ounce can give a therapeutic dose to breadsticks and pasta.

  1. Kiva Confections’ Espresso Dark Chocolate (60 mg THC / 60 mg CBD)

This silky and smooth espresso flavored bar has no noticeable taste of cannabis. There are four segments that contain 15 mg each of THC and CBD for a low dose pleasure.

  1. CBD Living’s CBD Living Gummies(10 mg CBD)

These yummy gummies have CBD and vitamins B-12 and D for a great dietary supplement with no psychoactive effects. Great for grandma and other patients finding relief without being high.


Cannabis which is rich in CBD has been proven to combat illness for years, improving individuals sleeping pattern, calms and lowers anxiety. At this period CBDs’medicinal value is undeniably beneficial to its powerful illness fighting properties. With the time invested for its studies, it’s astonishing that it can already be acquired legally in its supplement form.