When you get a brand new computer or tablet, you may be thrilled at how fast it runs. However, over time, many electronics tend to slow down. You might notice that there is a distinct lag when you switch between programs or turn the device on. This can be frustrating, but fortunately, there are many quick ways to fix a slow computer or tablet.

Update Software

Often, outdated software can cause a device to get slower and slower. Check your software manufacturer’s website to see if there are any new updates you need to download. Many devices even have a program that will automatically check for any updates if you ask it about updates.

Look At The Programs Running

If a very busy program is running constantly in the background, your resources might be being used up on an unnecessary program. Open up your device’s task manager to see which programs are using a lot of CPU or memory. If the program is not something that you need to be using, you can end the task or remove the program to speed up the computer or tablet.

Create More Space

A hard drive that is almost full will make a computer become noticeably slower. Cache subfolders and recycling bins can all contain useless files that fill up a hard drive. A basic disk cleanup tool will help to create more space on hard drives and remove unnecessary items.

Remote Support

If you have tried many solutions or if you just do not feel comfortable trying to fix the issue yourself, a trained professional is the best way to deal with the slow device. With a remote support service like Bask, you can get your computer fixed quickly.

Scan For Viruses

A slow computer or tablet may be due to a virus lurking in the background. Not all viruses are noticeably malware, instead some may just be tracking your web browsing to advertise more products to you. Even harmless adware still slow down a computer, but a basic scan with a good antivirus program can help you to discover any problematic and unwanted programs.

These solutions address some of the main causes of a slow computer or tablet. Often, a slow computer is not caused by a huge issue, and it is typically an easy fix. With a few quick actions, you can have your computer back to its original speed in no time.