The common man is found to be conscious about their health and carries out routine health check-up at least twice in a year to be confirmed that everything related to their health is ok and well-functioning. People tag priority to the heart condition, blood test, blood pressure, lipid, kidney function and many more. It is highly deplorable and unfortunate matter that the part of our body that is mostly neglected is our foot. It never occurs in our mind to visit Podiatrists at Foot and Ankle clinic as we do not feel the priority of caring one of our vital and great limb that is our foot.

Who are Podiatrists?

Podiatrists are a special kind of medical specialist who diagnoses and treats medical symptoms affecting our foot, ankle, and leg has a different and innovative outlook. Their philosophy states that human body should be classified into quadrants.

  • The gravity force that is imparted by our body weight to our foot is great and remarkable. It can be considered as a variable in nature and multiple types also.
  • This composite static and dynamic load vary widely from our static that is in standing state to the events of our walking or running at a speed.
  •  This phenomenal static and dynamic impact which our foot has to withstand is appreciable and we carelessly ignore the contribution of our foot which overcomes it.

Impact of pressure on foot: So why do we need to consult with a podiatrist?

We do not realize or try to realize that if something goes out of order to our foot impact will be catastrophic and will make us bedridden and handicapped. For example, an accidental falling from a height may cause ankle pain which promotes knee pain, and also back pain like a chain reaction in our body system. This is due to the existence of a biomechanical chain that moves upward direction of our body originating from our foot and not down the word. In such a situation we should visit expert Podiatrists.

Foot and ankle clinics are to be consulted for any podiatry related issue

Foot and Ankle Clinics which have qualified and experienced Podiatrists can be consulted for any type of foot and ankle related problems before the case is getting worse and out of our control. This may be corn or maybe the bunion, hill pain, arch pain, foot and ankle injury, diabetic-related foot conditions, hammer toes symptom, skin problems, sports medicine, foot arthritis and many more complaints.

Foot treatment made easy with podiatry

Podiatrists examine the foot minutely to detect any kind of deformity, the occurrence of the bunion, hill pain, arch pain, foot and ankle injury, diabetic-related foot conditions, and many more. Based on this they may advise specific foot 3D imaging for design and provision of soles, exercises and many more.

  • It is reported that people with chronic complain like diabetes of blood pressure and obesity are observed to have foot-related problems pronounced.
  • According to some Podiatrists, many people who had their leg imputed is due to their carelessness and missing of the warning alarms. Apart from that, they missed multiple warning signs like neurological, vascular, and problems related to bones.
  • They also missed the arthritic crisis and ultimately got their leg or foot imputed. If we follow preventive measures as directed by Podiatrists, then we will be able to reduce our chances of foot amputation to a great extent and will happily enjoy our running and walking or trekking.

Negligence in case of our foot care may result in the foot related problems from bad to worst. In case of foot related problems as stated above, it is a wise decision to visit Podiatrists for their advice and treatments.


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