We are using Flash .SWF files to show animations or videos on our websites. In html5 we can display animations without using the Flash .SWF files. Few days ago Google Labs launched new web-based tool Swiffy, that allows developers to easily convert Adobe Flash animation .SWF files into HTML5. This tool will allow developers to create Flash ads and basic ActionScript interactions accessible to users on devices that don’t support Flash, like the iPad and iPhone.

Swiffy is very similar to Adobe Wallaby. Swiffy is a web-based tool but Wallaby is an installable tool for a PC or Mac,that converts .fla files to Html. Adobe Wallaby’s code is designed to be edited and reused, but Swiffy’s code is optimized and compressed, so that makes editing difficult.Swiffy currently supports a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0.  Swiffy uses SVG features and the output works in all Webkit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Mobile Safari on iOS also supports the converted files.

If you like to convert your .SWF files to Html5, please visit Google Swiffy Project page. In Swiffy project page you can find some examples. While converting basic banner ad animations, click-event interactions can also be converted to HTML5.

Note: This tool won’t convert videos, complex animations.


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    David says: Posted on Jul 4, 2011 at 10:05 am |

    I tried using Swiffy to convert my flash file. Yes i did. Thanks for the information bro and i’m also expecting more WP tutorials on your site.