One of the most important aspects of managing a corporation is recording the inputs and outputs of the operation. These financial transactions are not as simple as keeping an account of receipts and payments because major corporations also have physical wealth in most situations, which is sold periodically based on the direction of the company. The way the overall financial health of a corporation is best reflected is by using accrual accounting that allows for measurement of all corporate holdings as well as financial cash flows. Many smaller companies also have this same issue, but cash inflow levels may not always allow for maintaining a full in-house accounting staff. Luckily, there are options for more accurate accounting methods using third-party accounting professionals from an online service provider.


The primary method a corporation uses to reflect true company health is through maintaining an ongoing balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. The income statement will include all cash flows into the corporate coffers, including recorded sales of corporate property as well as sales of corporate products, loans, and proceeds from lawsuits.


The cash flow statement will detail corporate expenditures in addition to corporate inflow assets, resulting in the necessary information that is included on the balance sheet. Cash-on-hand is not always reflective of company product sales, which means that corporate profit numbers can be skewed without designation of how the cash inflow occurred. Maintaining an accurate record of expenditures is vital to determining corporate profitability for potential investors while determining margins for payment to current stockholders.

Implement Corporate Wealth Management Services

Corporations have a specific responsible to shareholders that smaller companies do not. However, this does not mean that companies of all sizes cannot use the methods employed by corporations to provide a more accurate financial statement. This is obviously important for companies considering incorporation, but it can used by any company or corporation by retaining a corporate wealth management service instead of hiring an unnecessary internal accounting department. Some companies, like UBS – The Burish Group, know that managing large amounts of wealth is crucial for any big business. Online corporate wealth management is surely a positive trend in the current economy and provides excellent versatility for any business wanting a pinpoint financial statement. And, it can be especially effective when company tax liabilities are being calculated.

Profitability is important for all business operations in all industries, as profit is commonly the primary reason for being in the marketplace. The truth is that determining accurate profit numbers is not always as simple as keeping an account of assets and liabilities. Accrual accounting can be a complicated report process, but it can benefit all businesses small or large. And, having a reliable external professional accounting team can mean the difference between success and failure.