Well, who doesn’t like playing counter strike! I mean gaming is just not worth, if you don’t play counter strike- global offensive game. I was just addicted to the game a year back, but I slowed it down as I had my exams coming over! But whenever I am not playing counter strike, I generally browse some of the updates on the platform. Well, let’s talk about the same: the recent updates on the game and expected ones too!

As per the latest update which went live on August21 and I realized after purchasing cs go steam key, there are few game play adjustments in the dimension. So the latest updates can be expected to have no pistol tweaks or significant adjustments at all. In addition to the same, Valve is also claiming to have party mode activation on the platform. Since it’s the fifth birthday of counter strike, party mode just makes the platform more exciting and attractive.

In Party mode, we can expect the chickens to participate and register in the birthday bash along with bombs which will defuse balloons with explosions. Talking about the Audio menu of the game, the game becomes louder sometimes. But with expected latest updates in the game one can experience the gaming platform at lower latency of audio too. One of the most complaining segments of the gaming was restricted body animations. But well, we are expecting that body animation will be replaced with existing model of the character with something some accurate and graphically compatible as well. The game is expected to update the player skeleton as well.

Well, let’s hope for the best that we get to enjoy better animation of the players this time. Along with player animation, the latest updates might include player states like defuse of bombs and poses related to ladder climbing. And yes, remember that glow pass rendering, well the rumors states that the latest updates in the game will improve the improper state of stencils too.

One of the obvious update states of hlmv support in the game which will help in better adjustment of capsule rendering, ragdoll constrains limit along with sub model attachment previewing. And well, if we talk about the miscellaneous issues which we were facing before, I suppose some of them are going to be resolve under the latest updates. Some of them are:

  • Issues with buy menu where we were noticing wrong pricing details on molotovs.
  • Issues with inappropriate functioning of mp_ct_default_grenades along with mp_t_default_grenades
  • Issues that were causing unavailability of demolition modes to CTs
  • Issue with the message button of community function while the profile of the game was being viewed
  • Overlapping of knives and taser icons

But regardless to say, no matter how many issues and overlapping we might face in CS-GO, it will always be considered as one of the best categories to buy cheap steam games. So let’s wait and hope to realize these changes in the next version of the game. It will be exciting and thrilling at the same time, well that is one thing that I am sure about! I hope you’re too!