Keeping your workplace healthy is about more than just being altruistic and aware of your environment. It is about looking after your own interests as an entrepreneur, as well. Workers on sick leave or those distracted by their office quarrels are bound to be much less productive. Furthermore, working in a messy environment tends to raise one’s stress levels, which may respond negatively to your talent retaining efforts. This being said, here are a few tips which may help you create a healthier and, therefore, more productive office.

Keep the communication flowing

The first thing that every good office needs is – a well-developed communication flow. When it comes to the efficient workplace work, you need managers and team leaders who can pass the orders down the chain of command in the most direct and understandable manner. You also need employees who are not afraid to speak up if they are uncertain of something or if they tend to disagree what is being said.

How to Create Healthy Workplace Environment 1

Next, you need to show people that it’s ok to speak up during the conference meeting as long as they respect opinions of others and don’t interrupt them while talking. Finally, you may want to encourage small-talk amongst your employees in order to enhance their teambuilding process but you need to keep it confined to the watercooler/breakroom so that it doesn’t become yet another distraction.

Keeping the place clean and well-organized

How to Create Healthy Workplace Environment 2

The next thing you need is to keep the place as immaculate as possible. Cables, wires, and out-of-place items can pose a safety risk and, therefore, may result in a costly workplace injury. Moreover, having an office that is too hectic and chaotic in its layout may create a too much visual distraction for people to give it their 100 percent. Additionally, you need to create a place that allows traffic across the room in a manner that won’t distract those who are sitting behind their workstations.

How to Create Healthy Workplace Environment 3

As for the actual hygiene in the office, you need to keep in mind that using the most aggressive approach often doesn’t give you the best results. Furthermore, there is more to cleaning than just dusting, wiping and vacuuming the place. We are talking about restocking of office and bathroom consumables, but also an adequate cleaning schedule. According to experts behind Cleanworks, the coordination of periodic impact and specialty cleans is the key to keeping an office immaculate while not disturbing the overall dynamics of the place. Therefore, this issue needs to be organized with utmost care.

Wellness promotion

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the wellbeing of your staff members’ minds and body may be in a direct correlation with your productivity. In fact, a chess legend Bobby Fischer used to run every day in order to be able to give his best during every game. When asked about this, he confessed that the first time he experienced back pain during a match, he was bound to lose even to the far inferior adversary.

How to Create Healthy Workplace Environment 4

Keep in mind, that most of your employees spend hours and hours sitting in their chairs staring at their computers. This kind of sedentary workplace dynamic tends to hurt their posture, disturb their body weight ratio and even damage their vision. In order to do something about it, you can introduce standing desks to some departments, work on creating a healthier menu for your cafeteria and perhaps even organize a mandatory workplace exercise.

Stress-free environment

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the overall stress level that your employees stand to encounter in the office. Namely, according to one survey, happy employees are 12 percent more productive. Number one reason for dissatisfaction amongst employees is a boss that is too authoritarian. In fact, there is a saying that you are much more likely to quit your boss than you are to quit your job. Of course, there are other factors such as unrealistic demands and deadlines, as well as the lack of team cohesion. These two, however, are not that difficult to solve but may require you to somewhat alter your business plan.

How to Create Healthy Workplace Environment 5

As you can see, creating a healthier workplace is definitely not rocket science but it requires a lot of work and even more empathy. In order to help turn your workplace into a better place, you need to realize what the greatest risk factors in the office are, as well as to understand all the plights of your staff. Seeing how a change of perspective may be all you need, you could try to walk a mile in their shoes or at least ask them about what is it that they really want.