One of the easiest ways to stay in business is by treating your customers right. You treat your customers right by developing good relationships with them. How can you go about creating and developing these relationships that make you patrons feel valued and eager to buy your goods or services on a regular basis?

Listen to Them

Listening to your customers shows that you care about their needs. While any company can create advertisements boasting about how they do this, only quality companies actually take action to show that this is the case. Fortunately, customers like to talk about their shopping experiences, so there should be no shortage of feedback to act on.

Satisfaction surveys and comment cards in the store are ways to allow people to provide feedback anonymously, which encourages detailed and honest feedback.  Even global companies like ACN do their best to ensure that their customers have a voice. To encourage people to offer their feedback, you may want to offer gift cards to anyone who completes a survey or enter them into a drawing to win cash or other prizes.

Admit When There Is a Problem

At some point, you will deal with spoiled product or issues related to poor customer service from employees. The worst thing that you can do is act like there isn’t a problem or as if the customer is at fault. By admitting the problem and indicating how it will be fixed, it will be easier for people to forgive you and limit damage done to the brand.

Some good ways to rectify a problem include offering free refunds or coupons toward future purchases. The company should also increase its customer service staff to help the influx of people who may be impacted by a recall or some other issue at once. Failing to fix the problem in a timely manner may further stress or frustrate your customers, and that rarely leads to a good outcome.

Do Whatever It Takes to Meet Customer Needs

If you don’t have a product in your store, you should try to order it from a warehouse or another store location if necessary. If a customer needs a cake made at midnight, you should do your best to make that cake. People remember when a company goes above and beyond to meet their needs, and they are more likely to be loyal to a brand that is willing to go above and beyond expectations to make it happen.

Business owners should give customers their personal phone number or email address where they can be reached at all times. This ensures that you are aware of any problems or issues as they arise, which makes it easier to meet a customer’s needs in a timely manner. It also makes customers feel better to know that they can escalate their problems straight to the top of the company where action can be taken immediately.

Be a Good Citizen in the Community

As a business owner, you want to show that you and the company both care about the community where it is located. Business owners may want to spend time volunteering at soup kitchens or put up their own money to support local causes. The company may also look to donate money or let its employees spend time doing volunteer work. Helping within the community engenders stronger ties between the company and the people it serves by showing the human side to the corporate entity.

Great companies do what it takes to offer great customer service. Part of accomplishing this goal is developing relationships with the people who spend their money on your goods or services. By creating strong relationships, people will become familiar with your brand, and it is more likely that they will become loyal to it.