Heading for a hangout with friends? You have your good old t-shirt and jeans to the rescue. Invited to your best friend’s wedding? There’s nothing that a well fitted suit or tuxedo cannot fix but a semi-formal dress code? Now that’s a little hard to decode. After all, finding the right balance between formal and casual can be a tough feat but not when you have Mr. Bro as your style guru. Here are a few tips how you can nail the semi formal dress for men the right way and live to tell the tale.

Styling the semi-formal shirt

You cannot head to a store and shop for semi formal shirts as the chances that you find a shirt that has semi-formal written all over it is rare. Your next best option involves styling a shirt in a manner that makes it look apt enough for a semi-formal occasion. How do you do this? Well, one cool trick involves rolling up your sleeves. It works to tone down the intensity of your shirt and exudes a confident yet laid back vibe. Pair this with your favorite pair of loafers and you are good to go.

Opting for the right semi-formal shirt

The shirt is always the tricky part when it comes to semi-formal wear (A major reason why we are emphasizing it to such an extent).To be on the safe side, a white button-up shirt is a safe and classic bet even more so if you are ditching the tie. This doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with your shirt style. As long as you pay attention to the shirt fabric and know that it comes in quality that fits you well, you can pair your well-fitting suit with a shirt that comes in any color and pattern.

Wearing the right suit is vital

Stay away from a tuxedo or even a dinner jacket. This is solely meant for black tie events and formal occasions. Instead, pick a well fitted suit, preferably one that comes in dark wool or even cashmere. If the event is a day time thing, pick a suit that comes in a light color such as beige. For the night, a navy blue suit does just fine. Classic black can be safe choice but it also screams formal, a look you want to avoid going in for.

Spare a thought or two for your pants

For bottom wear, you are safe to choose between tailored trousers or stylish chinos. It radiates a polished yet relaxed appearance, ideal for a semi-formal event. You can find a variety of these two options in any menswear collection so ultimately it all boils down to personal preference. Pay attention to hue when choosing a pant. Stick to classic and neutral colors such as white, black, beige, grey and navy.

Accessorizing the semi-formal look

The carefully thought out look you put together is going to go for a toss if you do not accessorize well. Remember to don quality shoes as it takes your look to an all new level. Think oxfords, monk straps, brogues and (as already mentioned above) loafers. Wearing a tie is optional so if you want one, choose textured ties that look youthful and come with subtle patterns and colors.

So there you have it. Now that Mr. Bro has offered you the most important tips on how to ace the semi-formal dress code, you can now go ahead and go through menswear online with ease. We’re sure that battling through blazers, shirts, suits, jackets, trousers and ties with these style tips won’t be such a gut wrenching task anymore.