Technology is greatly revolutionizing the society we live in today. From the way we work, communicate, live, eat and much more. The contemporary dentistry industry has not been left behind. As a result of advancements in technology, the 21st-century dental world has experienced many changes. From patient diagnosis, treatment methodologies to accuracy and patient comfort, technological advancements in the dental industry have been implemented to improve treatment procedures and provide patient coziness and convenience. Here are six modern technological developments to boost your oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Patient diagnosis procedures have never been easier. With technology, diagnosis can be done with greater accuracy. Digital x-rays provide cutting-edge analysis and image management. In short, they allow your dentist to get a perfect and more precise view of your teeth and bones in a very short period of time. That way, it is possible to find out if there are tooth decays and bone loss beyond the surface of your gums. He or she is, therefore, able to obtain the best information possible to provide you with the best dental treatment possible.

Intraoral Camera

This is a type of digital camera device, usually inserted into your mouth to project a magnified image on a screen. This allows both you and the dentist to see any problem areas in the mouth including broken and declining gum, split teeth and any other concerns for treatment. Check with a dentist like Bradley White, a Knoxville family dentist for intraoral camera imaging.

Digital 3D Imaging

Digital CT imaging methods provide your dentist with fast, easy, and efficient dental images for the most accurate dental health diagnosis possible. It allows 3D data for teeth implants, impactions, extractions, and full-facial and jaw images. You can take advantage modern technology for a complete dental treatment through the use of cost-effective digital imaging.

Dental Apps

With the proliferation of mobile computing devices including smartphones, you can now have dental tips, videos, information and dental monitoring in the comfort of your hand – on a literal note. Mobile app developers have developed several apps to help you with all your dental related services and procedures.

Crown restoration

Today, a tooth crown restoration can be done in a single visit to a dentist without requiring you to plan multiple visits. The dental care industry is now using CEREC to capture a simulated teeth impression and create you a custom restoration. The CEREC technology eliminates messy impression trays and offers ample accuracy. Also, this technology has made it possible for dentists to create on-lays and dental crowns, the very same day as your appointment. Tell me if this does not sound cool! In addition, the development allows natural shade-matching selections making tooth replacement less noticeable.

Diagnodent Laser Technology

Imagine being able to detect and deal with decaying teeth way before they start giving you problems? This is what Diagnodent lasers offer you. A blend of both sonar and laser technology, they detect initial phases of tooth decay by taking record of teeth density across your mouth. Tooth density can show where future problems may take place. This technology, therefore, offers the dentists a chance to apply fillings and sealants to prevent impending and further tooth decay. To top it all, the procedure is downright painless.

Technology is continually developing. Some of us can’t wait to implement existing emerging technologies. Some, are eager to see new upcoming technological advances. They have and are progressively changing the way we live and do our work. In the meantime, the technologies listed above will be making your dentist visit effective and convenient.