Marketing campaigns need a solid strategy to work, but even the most well-thought out campaign can fail if not implemented properly. Design plays a crucial element in marketing; it’s the medium through which your message meets your audience. Without proper design, messages can be diluted, misconstrued or missed altogether. To make sure your marketing is at the top of its game, check out these three design ideas to take your campaign to the next level in 2017.

Optimize Your Sites

Responsive web design enables your site to be used across all mobile devices. Marketing Land reports that mobile users drive 56 percent of traffic on the web’s top sites, which means that you need to keep their behaviors in mind when implementing a new campaign strategy. Responsive web design is all user-oriented, meaning that the layout, structure and ease-of-use all flex to accommodate a viewer’s device. It’s well worth the investment of a qualified designer. A responsive website ranks higher on Google, which means a greater chance of gaining organic views on top the leads attracted by your marketing campaign.

Make a Film

Visual media has exploded over the past few years, and high-definition videos are becoming a popular marketing device among companies. Some companies, like Color Grading Central, know that they’re a fast and engaging way to get your message across, and they don’t take as much finesse as you might think. There’s no need for actors or intricate scripts since 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound according to Digiday. Because of this unique, soundless phenomenon, you can produce an animated, text-oriented film for marketing purposes that showcases your campaign to a wide audience in an environment they’re already comfortable and familiar with.

Skip Paper, Go Digital

Posters and pamphlets are a thing of the past. Most people receive the bulk of their advertisement on the web, so focus on dishing out high-quality images and PDF files instead of going the traditional route. Not only is digital advertising cheaper, since you don’t have to pay for any paper products, ink or printing, but it’s also easier to adjust and administer across multiple platforms to a broad audience. Revamp your company’s social media profiles with synchronic color schemes, icons and headers to reflect your latest campaign, and make sure that you put your campaign’s latest goal at the forefront of the design.

Digital Design is the New Norm

You’re probably already well-aware that the internet is the central source for information, but if you’re still lingering behind the crowd, it’s time to hop aboard and ride the wave to greater conversions and success.

Design should be a major aspect in any marketing campaign. Because the channel through which you deliever your strategy makes all the difference, having it not only look good but be responsive and easily accessible to your target audience is crucial to success.