Finding good developers is an area of concern for the IT employers as most number of them have trouble in attracting qualified technical talent. In the last decade we saw an increase of 45% in software employment, this way it’s quite clear that developers nowadays have their pick of any exciting new job desired by them. Thus, in order to get your hands on a good one, you must do the right things that make your company stand out. This begins with how you advertise your open roles. Here we speak of the elements that will surely help you in attracting attention on your next developer job opportunity.

Company’s Mission

Let go of that canned company statement and rather include information that developers most care about, i.e. your company’s mission, what you are in the process of building or what are the other properties or affiliate companies owned by you. This is a wonderful opportunity defining your company’s brand as an employer for developers. You just need to present what makes you unique from your competitors.

Getting to learn and grow

Just as any employee does, developers as well seek opportunities to learn and grow. Thus, it’s advised to talk about what makes your opening interesting. Be it a launch of a brand new product or you plans to refine a tried-and-true model, it always works to explain the challenges solved by your development team on everyday basis. This way you’re certain to allure candidates who are keen to jump right in.

Work environment

Major number of developers has been noticed turning down an offer that paid 10% more for a job that best fits the other criteria. Thus the best way to attract developers in putting your benefits center-stage, however you must also ensure that they are targeted toward things desired by developer. Having new computer monitors, flexible work hours and a chance to work with a renowned programmer is quite appealing for a developer.

Quality Colleagues

Great developers desire to work with other great developers so the quality of your current tech team is pivotal in attracting good developers you are trying to recruit. Show how proud you feel of your team and always endeavor to introduce them to the prospective developers.

Team collaboration

While evaluating a job opportunity, the second element that developers often look for is the way team collaborates within your organization. They consider the quality of the existing team and see how the team collaborates on a regular basis. This also allow candidates to settle on the fact whether they could be a good fit or not.

Excellent Management

Excellent Management is an appealing and motivating factor, both for projects and people. This way there is no micro-managing, invigoration of independent thinking, knowing the efficiency required to build quality software, quick decision making and an eagerness to do anything for the team in case product development is shortening the schedule.

These are the traits an efficient manger must have. As a manager is ready to take bullets for the team, good developers happily return the favor. This builds immense loyalty and reluctantly you get motivated developers along with great software.

Having a voice

Developers too face issues when a system or process doesn’t work fine and they want someone who listens to their problems and takes them seriously. More RAM, more hard disk space, fast/dual CPUs must be the priority for the company. And when the problem do come, someone should listen to the developers’ concerns.

Get recognition

It’s no surprise that just like everyone else developers also love it when their effort is recognized. They enjoy hearing praises and don’t like it when they don’t receive recognition for their work.


Once you start enact these things in your hiring process, results are certain to come your way. Do share with you if you know of other measures as well, helpful in hiring a good developer.