Bluetooth is an open wireless Technology standard for exchanging data over short distances, consumes very less power for creating PANs i.e. personal area networks. Personal electronic devices such as Laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, audio equipments and printers can be connected with Bluetooth by not using any cable wires.

Bluetooth was originally created by telecoms vendor Ericsson, a native of Sweden. The name Bluetooth is borrowed from Harold Bluetooth, a king of Denmark, known for previously warring tribes from Norway and Sweden. Similarly, the purpose of Bluetooth technology is to unite and connect different personal electronic devices.

You can arrange your tools according to your style with Bluetooth and at last have clear office desk. The more important is Bluetooth produces better mobility and also saves time anywhere in the network. To use your electronics, you just simply sit and work with the cables. First, let see, how this technology works and what is the exact significance of Bluetooth.

What Can I Do with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is available by almost all electronics and computer vendors everywhere in the market. Following are the uses of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connections

Wireless headsets:

The wireless headsets of mobile phones are commonly used as Bluetooth devices. While walking or in motion, you can communicate on phone by using these headsets without the hassle of wires. Small, advanced Bluetooth headsets can be embedded into a pair of sunglasses. Along with mobile phones, some Bluetooth headsets and speakers are also available for portable music devices like iPod.

Car kits:

A hand-free car kit is a natural extension of the Bluetooth. Bluetooth car kit permits you to operate the phone and have talk on phone by using your own voice through car’s built-in audio system. Caller IDs, caller pictures and other call information can be display in the dash.There is no need of various phone connectors for different phones to plug the phone into the car.

Keyboards and mice:

Keyboard and mice are some common parts of computer, usually attached with the pc through Bluetooth. Due to this, you have a clean office desk. The important gadgets for mobile email like smart phones and PDAs also work with some Bluetooth keyboards and mice.

Device synchronization:

Calendars, contact list and email with computers are synchronized through bulky cradles by Old PDAs. Through Bluetooth, new generation of smart phones and PDA phones supports synchronization.

Wireless access points:

Devices are connected by Bluetooth to an internet access point. For example, through Bluetooth, a wireless internet connection can be shared from a mobile phone to a laptop. When your phone has a signal, laptops are used to browse the internet. The mobile phone network which has wireless internet is more cheaper and also faster than regular Wifi.


By using digital camera, a camera phone or a laptop, various documents and photos can be printed with a Bluetooth-enabled printer. Professional and field workers usually used this type of printer and this is ideal printer for them.

File transfer:

Via Bluetooth, small computers like PDAs and smartphones can send files to each other. You can install smart phones applications from a computer or in a conference room; you can exchange documents between laptops, transfer photos from a camera phone to a computer.

Content provision:

One more use of Bluetooth is to provide ringtones, photos and other multimedia contents from computers to smartphones. Even, Bluetooth booths are installed to sell mobile phone contents to customer by some retailers.

Handheld navigation:

PDAs,laptops or smartphones are connected via Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers. you can carry GPS receiver in your pocket and your computer navigates you by using the mapping software.

Remote control:

For computers such as PCs and Macs, Bluetooth smartphones or touch/type pads can act as a remote control. PowerPoint presentations, media playback, or arbitrary applications can be controlled by the computer. The Smartphone shows the information on the computer about a particular task. for example, during power point presentation, the album cover of a MP3 song or the current slide information can be displayed by using remote control smartphone. To turn any of Bluetooth phones in to a PC remote control, free software’s are available, for Sony Ericsson, Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 smartphones.

Social networking:

Bluetooth can search nearby devices and also communicate with them. Strangers can communicate with each other by using this facility. Nokia series 60 has the free Bluetooth application i.e. Nokia Sensor. You can create your own profile in which you can include photos and publish it in your Bluetooth smartphone. Other nearby users can visit your profile. You can search number of people and view their profiles can chat with them through messages.

Here, I cannot mention so many examples due to limited space for this article. For any particular use case, instead of using Bluetooth wireless connection, you can use cable connection but there is a possibility that number of cables increases if you have a many devices in a network. As we have more personal tools, so Bluetooth becomes more important now-days. Data cables are very costly hence the importance of Bluetooth increases. We have to learn know more about Bluetooth technology to take the beneficial features of it.