Page rank of any website is mainly about the value of links added and the reputation of site. It shows the importance of any webpage, based on the various kinds and number of links added in association with importance of site providing the links.

In the Google‘s ranking algorithm, page rank plays vital role. It will guide the company for returning the valuable results for any kind of searches. When people talk about the page rank then they should remember at least 200 factors for ranking the Google webpage and keep this in mind.

What do PageRank numbers mean or Meaning of PageRank in SEO

What is PageRank

Google’s internal calculations of ranking Page any page are regularly updated, but the PageRank numbers for public seen on the toolbars , for example toolbars on Firefox are just updated for few times a year. But the number displayed may not give you an accurate idea about the internal rating of webpage.

Public PageRank can easily be seen in various toolbars ranking from zero to 10 or the unranked toolbars. The pagerank of any website is an internal aspect and every webpage has its own. Many websites have public pagerank just of zero mainly because the websites are new. When the PageRank number increases then the web pages number gets smaller. Very few WebPages are ranked between 8, 9 or 10.

Many homepages in the website has the highest page rank for public. But most of the prominent webpages have high ranks linked less to the less visited pages. There is websites in which the home pagerank is 3, 4 or 5 and they do very well.

Steps to improve your PageRank

If the webpage tactics are improved then this will increase the public page rank and seo of those webpages and this will help them to rank higher in search engine results. The number of pages being indexed on the site will be boosted o your site and this will make it easy for the target audience to find the site because now the site is gaining popularity from indexing.

  1. Develop link building and get backlinks called the inbound links for your site’s and the important pages. The links to the site must not be NoFollow, because it will not boost the PageRank.
  2. The important webpages must be just three or fewer clicks away from the home page. Important Pages must not be buried deep within the site as it’s hard to find then and hence can be linked less.
  3. When you are creating the HTML sitemap then distribute the high PageRank goodness in webpages inside your site or to other pages, as shown by Matt Cutts form Google’s in following video clip. Linking related with webpages will help you to distribute the goodness of PageRank in your site.

Google’s words on PageRank

In October 2009, the public PageRank was included by Google in the Webmaster Tools metrics. An employee said that Google removed the PageRank from its Webmaster Tools as the importance was not felt much. As per company many website owners and site operators to prevent much use of PageRank which will help in providing value for searching the Web to people.

Matt Cutts and several others tried to remove PageRank over the Google Toolbar since 2007, but it still remains in effect. Matt Cutts of Google explains How does PageRank updates work, in the video to the right.

How often search engines crawl your site may mean more than PageRank

As per the post on the SEOBook.com blog suggests, Google caches the site – after crawling and indexing pages – as it is indicated by the Google’s algorithm for that website which is better PageRank public number.

With the PageRank you will understand the crawling concept by search engines few proportion the sites webpage. Matt Cutts in an interview, March 2010 said that- no limit is on the crawling but it’s the best way to think that number of pages crawled are proportional to the page rank.

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    SEO Austin says: Posted on Jan 9, 2012 at 6:25 pm |

    Thanks Linesh for sharing with us this informative blog and i would like to share it with all. I am always keen to know about how we can increase the page rank of any website. But after reading the above blog the concept of Page Rank is clear to me, but i wanted to know one thing that how search engines crawl the site & on which aspects it is related to the Page Rank of any website.