Wi-fi is a wireless technology used in all over the world. This Wi-fi technology is used in any system of 802.11 standards. The institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE) has developed Wi- fi in 1997. The pioneered commercialization of the technology has further pushed Wi-fi which is a trade group. It is also spell as wi-fi, Wi-fi, Wi-Fi.

Wi-fi network cards connect wireless router wirelessly. A modem, typically a cable or DSL modems used to connect internet to router. Any user can connect to the internet which is within the distance of 200 feet that is about 61 meters. The users within the distance of 100 feet can get good transfer rates. To extend the range of wireless network wireless signal boosters are also available in market.

Wireless Network

Wi-fi networks can be secured or unsecured. In secured wi-fi network no one can use it without password while in unsecured wi-fi network any one can open without using password. The area under wireless access is often called as hotspot. The efforts are taken to turn some cities into big wireless hotspot like San Francisco Portland and Philadelphia. Many plans offer free ad-supported or ad-free service for small fee. Recently Google has been chosen by San Francisco to supply it with wireless network.

Radio operating at a frequency of 2.4Hz is used for the communication by wi-fi technology. Electronics are guaranteed can be interpolate with each other which is certified by wi-fi regardless the brand. Wi-fi is technology designed so it can be used in light weight computing system. PDAs, laptops and various accessories are designed to be wi-fi compatible. There are even some phones are under development that would switch from cellular to wi-fi networks effortlessly.

There are some new advanced wi-fi technologies having range of 300 feet to 600 feet. This can be extending more by using data transfer booster. Even some laptops are designed now having internal wireless networking card.