Mac OS X is a world’s most advanced desktop operating system, developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc. Few months ago Apple released new version of Mac OS X called OS X Lion. OS X Lion is easily available in market since sometime and the switch is done only for Mac users by upgrading OS X Snow Leopard to Lion and various other users have just not.

If a user is not upgraded then there are many reasons and it seems that however few reasons are common. Many users are simply unaware of the difference between OS X versions but there are many common features in Snow Leopard OS X and OS X Lion and some differences just have no value.


OS X Lion and OS X Snow Leopard have very less difference in tier speeds when they are compared head to head. In both OS systems there are few functions taking some amount of time as the Snow Leopard is designed for the speed and there are few functions which perform much faster when Snow Leopard is running when compared to Lion.

Speed comparison

The following tests were performed on a 2.66 GhZ iMac with 4GB RAM and a 1TB HD connected to the internet over Wi-Fi at a maximum speed of 60mbps.

TestsLion (10.7.0)Snow Leopard (10.6.8)
Launch 9 Applications0:590:37
Duplicate a ~900MB File0:090:09
Compress a ~900MB File0:510:59
Decompress a ~900MB File0:100:09
Open 10 Tabs in Safari0:150:17
Encoder a Movie for iPhone in Quicktime X0:560:53
Total Time4:43+4:29
Test result courtesy:Lifehacker.com

Opening various browser tabs and compressing files are much faster in the Lion and in the Snow Leopard there are many applications like the booting process which is faster. The speed variations can be mapped as they are statically varied but it cannot be easily seen by the users.


Lion and OS X Snow Leopard have been respectively designed for functionality and speed. As there are more than 250 new features in Lion by Apple so this makes it compelling reason for upgrading system. Launchpad is a great feature in which the desktop screen of the user can be resembled by the iOS device. The user can easily locate all the apps when it opens with surprising gesture. In the Launchpad, the user has been given the facility to organize and delete the apps from the space.

Mission Control is great and notable feature. With this you can view all running apps by combining the Spaces and Expose it. This is easy to help you jump from one running app to another. This feature increases the productivity.


OS X Snow Leopard will be the best option for Mac users interested only in speed. There may be best sticking with power users when a second is also important and worth saving.

But if users are looking or productivity feature and high functionality then OS X Lion will be opted more. There are only few extensively used features highlighted for working efficiently and quickly with great convenience for all Mac users.

There are many users for whom money matters and they feel that is the upgrade all the value worth of but OS X Lion is available for inexpensive download. Snow Leopard is economic option for many users on fixed budget because up gradation cost of USD $29.99 is not cheap. It is not ideal option to empty you wallet just for increase in functionality, performance and productivity.

Lion is the new operating system by Apple which has good features and the functionality tweaks. I you are not aware of all the features of the upgrade version then turning ears to technical professionals reviews will help you conclude which cat is swift – the new Lion or ol Snow leopard.