Digital marketing campaigns take a lot of work and thought, but they are essential for any business that engages in e-commerce activities. Here are a few tips on how to improve the overall effectiveness of your next marketing project.

Lean Content

Lean content has a clear message with useful information and only a few calls to action. Many companies make the mistake of overwhelming online readers with unnecessary details and aggressive sales tactics. A beautiful design with engaging content that succinctly illustrates the product or service’s benefits will attract online readers, who have a short attention span, to keep reading. Fewer calls to action are actually better because online consumers are very aware and rather annoyed by aggressive marketing tactics. In order to improve online content, be sure to use professional writers and encourage consumers to share stories and advice.

Better Graphic Design

There are many reasons why graphic design enhances marketing campaigns. Professionals, like those at Arc and Co., realize that design is an essential part of business success and growth. Marketing designs establish credibility and increases customer engagement. For example, websites that use stock photos of random business people to introduce the company and poor quality pictures to visualize products will appear mediocre and inauthentic. When businesses cut corners on graphic design, the target audience will notice and this will interrupt their short attention span. However, marketing materials made with seamless graphics, the best word count checker, professional photographs and eye-catching visuals will attract attention. Graphic design presents a unique business personality that can be used to establish a digital relationship with potential customers.

Outsource Professionals

Not every business can afford to keep a full marketing staff on hand, but there are many consulting marketing firms available for hire. They can assemble a customized team that will meet specific needs. For example, a social marketing campaign for a large company will need specialists with high production values. A digital strategist is overall responsible for planning the campaign, determining the appropriate platforms and what kind of content to promote. Social media copywriters excel at presenting concise, striking written content. Social media is a visually intense marketing medium, so graphic designers and illustrators are essential. Videographers will ensure that companies maximize brand awareness through creating effective online videos.

When designing calls to action and sales funnels that direct online consumers to fill out forms, be sure to limit the form to only a few fillable fields, such as name and email address. Failure to do so will reduce online conversions and direct traffic to competitor sites.