Do you experience call drops often? Do you feel that your cell phone signals aren’t as strong as they should be? Do you have a problem with slow internet or dead signals? Maybe you’ve noticed your signals fluctuated by a lot as you move around the house.

There are several reasons why you may have signal issues with your phone and there’s just one perfect solution to all of them. Yes, you really need to buy a Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Booster.

You’ve probably read a few cell phone signal booster reviews in the past may have a rough idea of how these devices work. A cell phone signal booster or an iPhone signal amplifier ensures that the network signals from the nearest cellular tower reach your cell phone in full strength by amplifying them or “repeating” them.

A Wilson Electronics Signal Booster grasps a weak signal and makes it much stronger, which takes care of problems such as call drops or weak reception. There are basically 5 reasons why you should consider buying these devices.

Reason #1: Fluctuating Signal Strength

The signal strength varies as you walk around the building. It could be because of interference due to how the floor plan or building layout is done.

Reason #2: Dense Population – Too Many Cell Phone Users

This is a problem in some densely populated urban areas where the cellular signal strength is weak because too many people try to receive signals from the same wireless tower, which affects the download speed and leads to frequent call drops. This could be a problem if you live in a building with too many people.

Reason #3: Building Layout

Some buildings such as large office complexes, warehouses, manufacturing units, concert halls have weak cell phone reception because of their integral structuring. Thick walls, flawed architecture and layout can diminish the strength of the cellular signals by a considerable extent.

Reason #4: Interference Due to Surrounding Objects

Interference from metals, insulation materials, wire mesh, pipelines, trees and plants, piping, etc. weaken the cellular reception as well. Using radiant barriers, window tinting and other products to increase the energy efficiency of buildings affects the signal strength as well.

Reason #5: Distant Cellular Towers

You will want the cellular towers to be as close as possible to your location for maximum signal strength. In areas that are far away from cellular towers, the cellular signal strength is likely to be quite low.

If any of the five reasons stated above are relevant to your situation, then you should waste no time in buying a Wilson Electronics Signal Booster.