According to a recent TechTarget report, medium-sized companies spend about $13,000 per employee on IT. In fact, the average small company spends almost seven percent of revenue on IT. Therefore, a well-functioning IT department is critical to the success of any business. Below explains four ways to improve your IT dept.

Infrastructure Investment

The success of any IT dept. depends on the quality of resources and systems. That is, the IT dept. needs the right tools to do the right job. Consider implementing communication and collaboration tools that will encourage cooperation across different departments and locations. For example, metrics and project progress needs to be equally accessible to all IT members and management. Cloud document management systems are a great way to increase shared visibility.

Status Updates

While most manufacturers embrace the visual management principles of kanban, most IT departments regrettably do not. Kanban is a production management theory that uses visual displays to track and respond to problems and changes. For example, IT departments should have their own visual management whiteboard that displays all critical points of current projects. In addition to this, consider customizing the information you communicate. Management will primarily need budget updates, while staff will mainly need to understand what is happening. Keeping everyone in the loop will help the IT dept. properly manage projects.

Avoid Micromanaging

IT professionals are used to working independently with limited supervision. However, many CIOs and executives not only demand constant updates and reports, but also set strict administration procedures. Micromanagement is counterproductive with IT professionals, who need to be empowered before they excel in their duties. In addition to this, consider reducing the amount of lengthy group meetings, and instead have supervisors schedule weekly one-on-one meetings. Encourage IT staff to provide concise and timely updates as often as possible.

Upgrade your Workforce

Network servers and routers aren’t the only things that need to be upgraded. One of the most direct ways to reboot your IT dept. is through hiring talented new employees. While terminating an employee is an unpleasant experience for everyone involved, the interests of the company should come first. Therefore, focus on setting high standards for IT staff. Those who fail to respond to direction and training can be replaced with fresh faces who are excited about learning and change. A convenient way to replace staff is through a professional recruiting firm. Learn more about the recruiting process from Search Group Partners.
In conclusion, IT departments can be reinvigorated through infrastructure investment, status updates, less micromanaging and hiring new staff.